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USA men’s water polo team makes a splash at Webb

Jenny Tran
With a powerful skip shot, Drew Holland stretches for the ball as it bounced into the net. Scored! The team was practicing 6 on 5 drills, a scenario in which the defense team is down a player from an ejection, after talking to the head coach, Dejan Udovicic, and assistant coach Gavin Arroyo.

 Swift strokes, coordinated passing, and aggressive defense — action filled the pool. 

On Wednesday, January 10th, the USA men’s national water polo team arrived at Webb’s campus for a day of training. Starting at the early hour of 7:30 a.m., the team treaded up gym hill for a morning yoga and stretching session in the Les Perry Gym. They later cruised through swim sets and pummeled through drills at the McCarthy Aquatics Center. 

“[The team’s] energy is very palpable,” said Sawyer Belville, science department faculty and head water polo coach. “It rubs off on people who watch. The main takeaway is watching how hard they worked and how much they wanted it. Also, their passes are amazing, so that’s one thing I really want [Webb’s water polo team] to get good at.” 

The team was borrowing Webb’s pool as the pool set aside for them these few weeks was being used by the women’s national water polo team for media day photos. In their last-minute search for a pool, Chris Bates, the team’s Sports Medicine Manager, asked Ms. Belville to borrow Webb’s pool. 

Though the turnaround was quick, the request was quickly approved, as both Ms. Belville and Steve Wishek, Director of Athletics and Afternoon Activities, thought that the team’s visit would be a great opportunity for Webbies to watch professional sports in action. 

Having to compete as one of the 13 sports in the Paris 2024 Olympics, the players give it their all every minute of practice— even though their practices usually last at least seven hours each day.  

Watching the USA team play was indeed an especially rewarding experience for Webbies who play water polo. 

“I’ve been playing water polo for a while now, so this was definitely 11-year-old me’s childhood dream of finally being able to see the big leagues practice, play together, and how that dynamic works in person,” said Izzy Kim (‘24), co-captain of the VWS water polo team. “It was as if [they were] moving as one unit.” 

Right after the national team left, the VWS water polo team secured a close win of 11-10 against Charter Oak, whom Webb had lost to with a large point difference last year. Perhaps the Olympian spirit has already rubbed off on Webbies. 

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