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How to start your homework

Phillip Park
Jonathan Li (‘25) is hard at work within Room 1, one of Webb’s various study spaces in the Fawcett Library. The room is just one of many quiet niches that populate the campus, located everywhere from Stockdale to the Ruddick Room in the Upper Dorms. “Staying focused on a task is a lot harder when you are working with your friends or surrounded by distractions,”Jonathan Li (‘25) said.

“The first step to starting your homework is always to find a place where you can work peacefully and undisturbed,” said Max Lan (‘25), someone who consistently does his homework ahead of time. Forming habits, especially those which you aren’t fond of, can be difficult to accommodate within your daily schedule. Max Lan, homework aficionado, is eager to share his tips and tricks on staying on top of your various assignments, even when it seems like the mountain of work never ends.  

Max emphasized getting all his homework done in one sitting, attributing his success to a focused mindset allowing Max to work more efficiently.  

“When [starting their] homework journey, many of my friends have fallen into the trap of putting off the rest of their work for another time, only to scramble to finish it the night before,” Max Lan said. “When I focus, I can finish my homework in around an hour, instead of the couple hours or so it would take if I spread it out over the week.”  

By continuing to work until you are finished, Max argues, you can become more efficient in your work and save precious time for doing other activities.  

Finally, the hardest step is not merely starting the process but turning it into a habit.  

“Making something a habit is deeply ingrained within human instincts, so although it may be hard at first, if you keep at it for around a week, you will subconsciously start to do the techniques I listed earlier,” Max said. Habits are a powerful tool to create a stress-free routine. Starting with easier habits like making it to the library at a certain time, not hitting the snooze button on your clock, or starting your homework the same time every day is the way to go. Once these baseline habits are formed, the next step of incorporating more difficult habits, such as going to the library to finish your homework at the same time every day or studying in the library at the same time every weekend, becomes easier and more attractive.  

 Once habits are incorporated into your daily schedule, you will find your afternoons much more stress-free and exciting as the extra time and the removal of the lingering threat of homework allows you to relax freely and sleep early.  

We hope that these tips will help Webbies keep their eyes on the prize and preserve their work-life balance, especially in the beginning of the second semester that constitutes of unfamiliar homework from new classes. Keeping habits will catapult your student career by improving both your studying nd your overall quality of life at Web and beyond. 

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Phillip Park
Phillip Park, Staff Writer
Phillip Park (‘25) is a triple threat. A painter, cellist, and actor—he does it all. In the dorms, you can find him painting landscapes that might have been inspired by a hike he took earlier that day. When he goes home to Oxnard, California, during the summers, he is most likely reuniting with his cello, playing a classical tune. This fall, he is in the Liu Cheung Theater rehearsing for the play during afternoons. Although he is certain about his passion for the arts, Phillip likes to adventure and explore other pursuits. Excelling in originality, he ignores the status quo much like he ignores the alarm that goes off in his room every morning. In both the artistic field and the classroom, he does not think of problems one-dimensionally, but rather considers unique solutions. He will carry this mantra into his Advanced Studies The Cold War Era class, where he hopes to connect themes from his class with the modern world. Similarly, he wants to use his junior year to grow his fascination for current events by writing news stories. Like the art he makes, Phillip aims to write with originality and creativity.    Song: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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