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How to customize the best flower bouquet for your friends

Catherine Shen
Four flower bouquets of different styles are in the picture. On the top left sits a rose bouquet with “snow” powders on top, for Christmas; the bottom left was for a friend’s concert; and the two on the right were for friends’ birthdays. “Buying flowers for my friends has always been my love language,” Amy Wang (‘24) said. Often, flowers could mean more than just flowers, an expression of care and attention.

While some may not appreciate the art of giving flowers, buying flowers for friends has always been love language for many.

There are many factors to consider when customizing a bouquet for your friends:

“The recipient’s identity, the occasion, and preferences are factors we consider,” said Yue Lin, a florist who has been running her flower shop “La Lune” for four years. “Aesthetic appreciation is diverse and inclusive, and one needs to feel the sensory aspects and emotions, recognizing that they are multifaceted.”

First, you should clarify the occasion with your florist.

“Different occasions call for different flower combinations,” Lin said. “Customers come to us for various occasions: from birthdays, dates, anniversaries, and musical plays.”

Then, you must decide the color, the first thing people notice upon seeing the bouquet. One popular approach is layering the person’s favorite color with a secondary theme to balance the tone. Events can also inform the color; for instance, a red and white bouquet for Christmas.

“While colors can provide the immediate impression,” Lin said. “The bouquet’s message is not solely determined by color. Factors such as brightness, flower texture, and shape are all considered.”

Finally, pick the flower type based on the specific message you intend to convey. For instance, the orange blossom represents chastity and innocence while the red chrysanthemum symbolizes love. If you are not careful, you may accidentally deliver the wrong message; such as giving a chrysanthemum bouquet, a flower that indicates mourning in Chinese tradition, for a friend’s birthday.

Webb’s unique environment has fostered a trend of flower bouquet-giving among friends.

“I always get flowers for my friends for their chapel talks, fall plays, or musicals,” said Amy Wang (‘24). “Webb is a stressful environment, and especially for many international students. You might feel your loved ones are thousands of miles away from you. I want my friends to feel supported.”

Even more rewarding than giving flowers though is receiving them.

“I was nervous about the Fall play, especially during busy junior year,” said Chelsea Wei (‘25). “I was overjoyed when my friend brought me flowers after the show. I feel like I was taken care of when I’m far away from home and busy with Webb’s schedule.”

This gesture represents more the act of giving, but a way to spread love.

“Whenever I receive flowers from my friend, I just feel like my love is reciprocated,” Amy said.

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About the Contributor
Catherine Shen
Catherine Shen, Staff Writer
Catherine Shen (‘25) treats her life like a blockbuster action movie, in which she stars as an adventurous explorer. Determined to embark on as many new journeys as possible before she turns 18, Catherine joined the Webb swim and dive team her freshman year, where she fell in love with diving and continued training throughout this past summer bravely ignoring the risk of bellyflopping. As a new student leader, she is excited to explore what the chapel council has in store for her, such as deciding what guest speakers will speak and determining the driving theme of this year. She will also continue to broaden her horizons by joining the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a staff writer, where she hopes to set high expectations for herself and raise awareness about controversial topics. This year, Catherine will fight through the unexpected trials that lie in her junior year, strive to continue her action-packed journey, and dive fearlessly into new things. She hopes to live to tell the tales that come with her adventures!  Favorite Song: "Slow Down Turbo" by Rich Brian  

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