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How to learn K-pop choreography

Emily Li
Jenny Wang learns the chorus dance for “Super Shy” by Newjeans by playing its choreography video on her laptop. A second-semester senior eager to learn new skills before the school year ends, she finds dancing to be a fun, enriching, and challenging pastime. “I’ve been watching tutorials on Little Red Book [a Chinese equivalent of Instagram], practicing individually in my room, and asking friends for advice on how to improve,” Jenny said.

Are you a K-pop lover who avidly watches every performance stage of your favorite artist’s newest release, but never dances it yourself? While elaborate choreography — a trademark of the K-pop genre — may seem intimidating, learning it does not require professional dancing experience.  

“If it’s just for interest, K-pop dancing is perfect for beginners,” said Anna Zeng (‘25), a dancer trained in a variety of genres such as hip-hop, ballet, and K-pop.  

As a novice K-pop dancer, choosing your first song to conquer is crucial for a successful learning experience. In general, girl groups have simpler choreographies, while many boy group dances require hip-pop foundations and stamina. With these considerations in mind, start with a song that makes you excited to learn — it will provide more motivation to sustain your learning effort. 

Next, find a quiet environment spacious enough for big movements. It can be your living room, a dance studio, or your backyard. Having a mirror to track your movements provides a big bonus! Learning a new choreography also drains a lot of energy, so a water bottle and light snacks by your side will keep you energized.  

Now you are ready to begin your K-pop dancing journey! One starting route is to learn directly from your artist’s choreography video. Watch its mirrored version, slow down your playback speed, and start dancing! If you anticipate being a slow learner and want step-by-step guidance on specific moves, Anna suggests following an explained dance tutorial made by other dancers on YouTube.  

“The teachers can explain the moves to you, and sometimes that is better because you can listen to the audio and dance while watching the tutorial,” Anna said.  

The most difficult part of learning a new K-pop choreography is memorization and fine-tuning. Try to gradually progress from dancing with counts, to matching with varying music speeds, and finally putting everything together with full-speed music.  

“Personally, not practicing with the music at first helps because you can look at the mirror and observe which angle that you pose makes you look the best,” Anna said. “While you practice, you can also record yourself, and each time when you look back at your recording, you can see which part you want to change.” 

If you can’t memorize the choreography in one practice session, don’t worry — let the material “marinate” in your head for some time before trying again. Repetition and patience are key! 

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Emily Li
Emily Li, Chief of Media
Emily Li ('24) is not your usual iPad kid. You might see her using her tablet, but trust me: she isn't playing Roblox. She is a passionate artist who loves to create artwork on her iPad. Emily's favorite thing to draw is the people around her, focusing on experimenting with colors. She also enjoys dancing to popular K-pop stars IU and Mamamoo. Just like her top-notch dancing skills, she has a crazy tolerance for spicedo not be surprised when you see her empty bottle of sriracha. However, Emily's dynamic personality is not confined to her personal endeavors. As head peer advisor, she steps into a leadership role that suits her naturally empathetic and social nature. She finds joy in building bridges, fostering connections, and offering a sympathetic ear to those around her. One of Emily’s main goals this year is to give as much love as she can to the world. At the Webb canyon chronicle is to improve the diversity of articles and further refine the website after designing it. In a world where each stroke of her digital pen, every dance step, and all her interactions paint a picture of her vibrant self, Emily Li stands not only as a multitalented artist, leader, athlete and beacon of positivity, illuminating everything she touches with her unique and colorful perspective. 

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