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Webb embraces cultural diversity with Lunar New Year celebration

Catherine Shen
In the Liu Chueng Theater, dancers mimic a lion’s movement in costumes together with drums and cymbals performers. The lion dance originated in China 5000 years ago and is believed to bring good fortune to all. “I really enjoyed the lion dance performance,” said Petrina Ong (‘24) “It took me back home where there would be lion dances outside my building.”

The first Wednesday of February, Webb hosted its highly anticipated Lunar New Year community dinner. From the loud drums to a wide range of cultural food, the Webb community came together to celebrate one of the most one of the most widely celebrated holidays of the year. 

To open the dinner, the Webb community gathered in Liu Cheung to hear students from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines share personal stories of Lunar New Year celebration. Hosted by the ISLs, this event included a lion dance performance from the San Gabriel Valley Chinese Cultural Association, as well as food provided by Webb parents. For instance, the ISLs also collaborated with other groups such as the Asian Affinity, the cooking club, and the Art Club, all of which hosted activities in the Stockdale Community Center.   

“I thought it was really cool how they showed us how different cultures celebrate Lunar New Year,” Freya Fu (‘26) said.   

With such a large international student population at Webb, especially from Asia, this holiday is one of the most beloved and widely celebrated across many different cultures. After the exceptionally successful dinner last year, the ISLs made sure to provide an even wider range of foods and bright decorations.  

“The event was so amazing! I had so many dumplings! My favorite food was the steamed pork buns — those were so tasty,” Alyssa Xu (‘24) said.  

Upon entering Liu Chueng, each student received three tickets from the head waiters one ticket per station. With tickets, they were able to get food provided by Webb parents like steamed pork buns, fried dumplings, sesame balls, and osmanthus rice cakes. After using up the tickets, they could still grab any foods from the dining hall buffet like lumpia, Japanese curry, bok choy eggplant curry, and tteokbokki.  

In addition to the tasting stations, the art club offered activities such as calligraphy, paper cutting, GO, and tea tasting in Stockdale.   

“We hoped to let every student experience the art of calligraphy, so we provided completed calligraphy as examples for students who don’t know how to practice calligraphy,” said Michael Fu (‘24), president of the art club.  

Ultimately, celebrating holidays such as Lunar New Year creates community and a sense of home for students, staff, and faculty alike.  

“We surveyed and communicated with the other affinity groups to ask for Lunar New Year activities,” said Annie Huang (‘24), an ISL. “Our goal for the event is to have it be culturally inclusive for everyone and for them to feel comfortable expressing their culture at Webb.”

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Leia Albornoz
Leia Albornoz, Co-Editor of Features
Now a junior, Leia Albornoz (‘25) is ready to leave an impact on her community. Very passionate about identity and representation of culture, she wants to influence those who share the same ethnicity as her to be proud and embrace their culture. During her free time, Leia enjoys hanging out with friends and making spontaneous plans. While not with friends, Leia spends a lot of her time painting and reading in nature. This year, she wants to paint the admissions fountain, as it reminds her of her current favorite collection of paintings called Water Lilies by Claude Monet. As a peer advisor, Asian Affinity Group leader, and an Editor of Features, Leia has stepped up and is prepared to show leadership around campus and in the newsroom. She loves to listen to music, and she finds herself dancing every time she hears a catchy beat. Leia best demonstrates her journalist skills in articles based around culture and identity topics that she cares a lot about. Her goal for this year's publication is to keep up pace in her work and push more articles that her peers would want to read.  Favorite Song: "Street by Street" by Laufey
Catherine Shen
Catherine Shen, Staff Writer
Catherine Shen (‘25) treats her life like a blockbuster action movie, in which she stars as an adventurous explorer. Determined to embark on as many new journeys as possible before she turns 18, Catherine joined the Webb swim and dive team her freshman year, where she fell in love with diving and continued training throughout this past summer bravely ignoring the risk of bellyflopping. As a new student leader, she is excited to explore what the chapel council has in store for her, such as deciding what guest speakers will speak and determining the driving theme of this year. She will also continue to broaden her horizons by joining the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a staff writer, where she hopes to set high expectations for herself and raise awareness about controversial topics. This year, Catherine will fight through the unexpected trials that lie in her junior year, strive to continue her action-packed journey, and dive fearlessly into new things. She hopes to live to tell the tales that come with her adventures!  Favorite Song: "Slow Down Turbo" by Rich Brian  

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