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Four reasons why you should invest in a digital camera

Lauren Gutierrez
Getting ready to catch an unforgettable moment, Leia Albornoz (‘25) has her Kodak digital camera ready at hand. After toggling through many settings, she holds it up to her to ensure a precise and sharp flick!

With the rise of 2000s fashion and aesthetics comes the resurgence of a classic staple of the 2000s: digital cameras. Going from outdated to trendy, these cameras are now becoming a go-to for capturing moments and building a social media account. Here are four reasons why your next purchase should be a digital camera.

1. Nostalgia and Aesthetic 

Many teenagers who popularize digital cameras find the photos taken on them vintage and appealing to the eye. As well as being reminiscent of the past, their appeal also comes from the automatic color grading when snapping a quick shot. These digital cameras are called “point-and-shoot” cameras which intend to be easy for use with a built-in lens. While iPhones are also “point-and-shoot,” they have smaller sensors and limited features such as zoom and aperture.  

Almost everyone has photos from when they were younger that have a vintage look and feeling.  

 “When I found the digital camera that I am using right now, I looked through the photos and the first ones were me in my childhood,” Michael Albornoz (‘26) said. “It’s cool that my parents once used [a digital camera] to capture memories of me and now I’m using it to capture my memories.”  

Not only are they able to bring you a blast from the past, but the camera’s quality also fits in perfectly with modern media. The automatic filter and bright flash allow the photo subjects to be highlighted in the desirable areas. Whether bright or dark, a digital camera’s ability to perform well in most settings makes it much more attractive.  

Students in “Meditation and Mindfulness” unbounded course enjoy each other’s company while playing board games and reading books. Without access to phone or technology during the unbounded, many students choose to bring digital cameras to capture the moments on this trip. “Everyone brought a camera. Even after it was over, I found myself looking through the photos we all look at on our digital cameras,” Jackie Shugert (‘24) said. (Leia Albornoz)

2. Portability and Accessibility 

Digital cameras are generally convenient: they are easy to charge and keep in your bag during a day trip. Whether or not you are a professional photographer, digital cameras produce high quality photographs that can be taken with you in your pocket.  

No Bluetooth? Airdrop? No worries! Transferring the photos over to an electronic device like a laptop or phone is easier than ever. Using a card reader allows you to import the photos directly onto your desired device. There are hundreds of types of adapters on the market that provide different attachments giving variety to the buyer and their needs.  

Getting your hands on one of these cameras is easy said than done. While they range in price according to the brand, model, and usage, the choice is ultimately up to the buyer. Whether it’s Best Buy or Ebay, these digital cameras can range from thirty to a couple hundred dollars, allowing them to be accessible to almost anybody! 

Digital cameras are popular for their convivence and quality. No matter where you are, digital cameras as easy to turn on, take a quick photo of a view or a pretty statue in a garden. (Leia Albornoz)

3. Quality over Quantity  

In the era of technology, it is easy to capture every moment possible, causing your iPhone storage to plumet. However, digital cameras encourage thoughtful photography and composition.  

“My camera’s audio and quality are much better than an iPhone,” Ava Darby (‘25) said. It’s much easier to work with during the editing process. It’s quality over quantity for me because I sell photos and highlight reels during soccer season.” 

Digital cameras also tend to have lower-resolution sensors. Even built into the cameras, there are a variety of settings and buttons to toggle with to find your perfect picture.  

While you could argue that digital cameras have worse quality in terms of resolution and polish, they also have higher contrast in terms of lighting, appearing crisper while also giving a nostalgic look. 

In the middle of dancing and listening to the music at the back-to-school dance, a group of students and friends come together for a quick shot. A digital camera’s flash is the best way to catch and look back on this fun night. (Lauren Gutierrez)

4. Storage and memories  

The frequency of reaching maximum memory card capacity varies based on your choice of camera and memory card. Despite this, the cards are ultimately less expensive than  additional phone storage.  

“I’m not really on social media as much now. I like to keep my photos on my camera for memories! Plus, everyone looks good in those photos,” Emily Thornton (‘25) said.  

Although some choose to keep the photos on the camera, many like having them on a device, this allows it to be sent to others and posted to the media. While some may see this as defeating the purpose, it is another great way of sharing the widely loved photograph style. 

Whether you took the photos years ago or just yesterday, most digital cameras will provide a time stamp on the bottom corner to mark the date of that unforgettable moment. This is unique and separates it from an everyday phone, while providing that old-fashioned feel.  

Kristine Bisgaard (‘25), Saira Bhagat (‘25), Ella Chin (25’), and Jasmine Beseth (‘25) gather for a quick picture in the middle of the back-to-school dance. Taking a quality photo on your own digital camera is also a great way to capture the memories. (Lauren Gutierrez)
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