A heated battle in Florida


A fist bump between Ron Desantis and Andrew Gillum after a televised debate. Image courtesy of Vox.

The Florida governor’s race ended with Ron Desantis, a Republican, beating Andrew Gillum, a Democrat, with a 49.9% to 48.9%. The Florida governor’s election race is not even close to an end due to the voter runoff that changed the results of the election. The two candidates for the governor’s position are Democrat Andrew Gillium and Republican Ron Desantis.

The different views of both candidates. Image courtesy of LBC9
The different views of both candidates. Image courtesy of NPR

The race between these two has been entertaining, and Both candidates have some problems that have been affecting them throughout their campaigns.

Gillum faces controversy because he accepted gifts, such as Hamilton tickets from a lobbyist by the name of Adam Correy. Desantis seized this opportunity to try and sully Gillium’s name, bringing up several other occasions in which Gillium went on trips with Correy. Gillium responded with a statement saying that he and his family pay for their own trips. Gillium defended himself when it came to the Hamilton tickets by saying he had thought his brother paid for it.

Gillium is not the only one that faces problems. Desantis faces several problems all relating to many of his supporters and some of his comments. Steven M. Alembik, a supporter of Desantis, said that President Barack Obama is “F—— Muslim N—–.” Desantis received a lot of backlashes especially because Alembik gave him $22,920 over the years.

Desantis also made a comment that Gillium would “monkey it up” when referring to what Gillum would do to the economy. However, it came out as racially charged and upset even more people. People found out that Desantis was the admin of a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and islamophobic Facebook page. Desantis quickly stated that he was made an administrator by the people that owned the page, and immediately left.

However, the results of the election show that Rob Desantis won with 49.6% of the vote while Gillium had 49.2%; these results were different before the publishing date due to voter runoff. Even though Desantis technically won, it is close enough for a recount to happen. All of this chaos was caused by voter runoff which caused candidates, such as Gillium, to withdraw their concession speech. As a result, the votes are being recounted.

On top of this, the senate race in Florida is also recounting both of its races because there is a 0.2% difference in votes.

The problem is that Florida may not be able to get all the recount votes in because Florida is currently recounting three elections: the Senate race, governor’s race, and the Secretary of Agriculture race. However, a Palm Beach supervisor said that their county will not meet the Thursday deadline meaning that Democrats will the loose votes in that county. This delay could create a domino effect with lawsuits and more.

The President weighed in by saying that all the new ballots that appeared were suspicious and states that Rick Scott and Desantis won the race. However, many ballots from people currently serving have been arriving from November 6th to the 16th explaining the ballot change.

Regardless, the Florida Governor’s race catalyzed a major shift in the government. The Senate and Supreme Court are still controlled by the Republican party,0 but the Democrats took back the House of Representatives which will create ripples in the future. So, if the Republican party wanted to push its agenda, the House, now controlled by Democrats, could stop any laws from passing.