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“Assassins” ambush Webb’s campus

Kaitlyn De Armas
Can you find her? Ashley Munguia (‘21) hides from potential assassins in the Fawcett Library.

It is time to go to class, but the walk there is not safe. You have to get to your destination, so you burst out of the Fawcett Library doors, your feet pounding as you sprint across the hard, grey pavement. The white envelope in your hand begins to wrinkle as you grip it tightly to make sure it does not slip away. Then you see them, your assassin target–their name finely typed on the small paper in that wrinkled envelope. You pull out a shiny red sticker with a cartoon ninja on it, and lunge forward to place it on your target’s back. As you reach, you feel a light touch on your back. You stop dead in your tracks, and look over to see that you have been assassinated.

Throughout the year, Webb holds many fun all-school events for students to participate in. One of the many entertaining events is “Assassin,” which takes place every spring and is organized by the Day Student Prefects. This year, Assassin took place during the week of April 22nd to the 26th.

The goal of the game was to “assassinate” the most people by placing a sticker on their back without them noticing. On the morning of April 22nd, participants received their first target and the stickers to “kill” them with. From that moment until the end of the week, students were on edge trying to find their target, while not getting themselves killed.

Once an assassin eliminated their first target, they took over that student’s target and worked to eliminate them. The game took place throughout the week all over campus, but there were a few rules and safe-zones. There could be no kills during class, chapel, assemblies, class meetings afternoon activities, or in the Health Center, Fawcett Library, Price Dining Hall, and of course, off campus. The sticker had to be placed on a target’s back or clothing without them noticing or the kill did not count.

The game continued in this manner until there were only a few students left at the end of the week. There were two ways to win the game: either be the last one standing or have the most kills. After every kill they made, students were asked to fill out a Google form to ensure that the game ran smoothly without an overlap of targets.

Ashley Munguia (‘21), said, “Assassin is about survival of the fittest and we have weeded out the weak.”

At around 5:00 p.m. on April 26th, the surviving eleven assassins from the week were invited to the final event. Janitza Luna (‘20), Maya Jaffe (‘20), Dean Woelfle (‘21), Michelle Munguia (‘20), Claire Wagner (‘19), Kevin Kang (‘19), Ashley Munguia (‘21), Sasha Theder (‘22), Maya Gutierrez (‘21), Willy Martinez (‘19), and Shannon Uppal (‘21) met for the free-for-all. At 9:30 p.m. that day, Dean won the game with 11 total eliminations.

Juliana Base (‘19), a DSP said, “It’s always really fun planning Assassin. I feel like it’s one of our most popular events. Every year, small things go wrong with people killing the wrong target or something, but overall it always has a great turnout! Plus, I think it’s really fun to see people get so into it.”

Overall, Assassin is a great time for students to come together. The end of the school year can be stressful, and fun games like this one are the perfect ways for students to enjoy their time at Webb.

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Kaitlyn De Armas
Kaitlyn De Armas, Editor-in-Chief
Kaitlyn De Armas ('21), an original and strong-willed creator, is an Aquarius who perfectly fits her sign's description. She is an avid One Direction fan, her favorite album being Midnight Memories, but she thinks all of their songs are amazing. A humanities enthusiast, her favorite class this year is Advanced Studies Creative Nonfiction. Kaitlyn loves running and hanging out with her friends in her free time. She is really into making playlists and loves listening to them in the car with her friends. Besides running, Kaitlyn plays both soccer and softball. When the weekend rolls around, Kaitlyn can be seen relaxing with friends, as well as sleeping in. This year, she would like to use her position as Editor-in-Chief to introduce new projects. She is looking forward to bringing in and build upon new media formats like quizzes, videos, podcasts, galleries, and playlists. She also really wants to bring about more viewership and make a positive difference on the Webb Community.

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