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The iPhone 11: Is it worth it?

Cathy Wang (’22)
Jessica Cao (‘23) and Catherine Li (‘22) look at Angie Chen (‘20)’s newly acquired iPhone in awe.

If you have not yet had a glimpse of this majestic phone with three cameras, you are way behind. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max were released on September 20th, but iPhone fanatics have begun the pre-ordering long before September 13th. Anticipation is running so high for the impending releases that social media is flooded with iPhone 11 memes.

So, what is all the fuss about? The new iPhones, according to Apple, come with a larger display ranging from 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches, better camera and video quality, water-resistance, higher screen resolution, improved battery life, a faster A13 Bionic chip, and most importantly, a lower price starting at only $699. However, the most prominent feature of this new series is the triangular camera design for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

The triple camera system enhances the quality of pictures and videos dramatically and also offers the ability to capture a greater field of vision, allowing the device to take a wide range of photos including landscapes, up-close shots, and pictures of different scales. 

Unfortunately, the new camera design has faced quite the controversy. Many Webbies have made creative comments regarding the camera design of the new iPhones. 

Rachel Bai (‘22), the president of the Cooking Club, said, “I think it looks like a stove. Honestly, I can watch YouTube and cook food on it at the same time. And also, I am kinda worried for people with trypophobia.” 

Vicky Gu (‘21), a long-time supporter of iPhones, said, “The three cameras look so weird. That is what’s stopping me from buying the new iPhone.”

Jeffrey Baek (‘23) said, “The aesthetics are not as pleasing.”

However, some Webbies see the negative comments as only a temporary phase that every iPhone goes through. 

Koki Mashita (’22), a technology enthusiast who has made major investments in tech companies such as Alibaba, Apple, and Netflix, said, “People just need to get used to the new look. They said the same thing when the iPhone X came out. But now, many people think it looks good.”

Other than the controversial camera design, some are also disappointed with other aspects of the new phone. For example, although the new iPhone claims to have cutting-edge multi-angle facial recognition technologies, Rachel finds it hard to comprehend why people praise the Face ID function so much while Samsung and Huawei have both advanced ultrasonic fingerprint recognition and excellent facial recognition.  

Vicky finds it harder to keep the new iPhones intact. She said, “It is easier for them to get cracked. I still remember my iPhone 4. Back then, no matter how many times I dropped it, it would not break.”

Additionally, Rachel criticized the expensive price of the new iPhone. Rachel said, “My phone, [a Samsung S10,] is the same price, and it has much better specs than [the iPhone 11], and it came out last year.” 

For Rachel, Apple is becoming more of a luxury brand compared to what it was in the past. She said, “It’s like buying Gucci. They have moved past the days of Steve Jobs. They have not done serious innovations in a number of years.” 

Companies are booming with new designs and technical breakthroughs every day while Apple, compared to its years under Steve Jobs, is facing a stagnation of innovation. Apple has expanded into a wider range of products as they shift much of their attention to accessories such as Apple Watch and Airpods. 

Koki, however, sees the situation differently. He said, “Sure, innovation may be lacking. But financially, they are doing good. I have been investing in Apple for quite a while and they are at one of the peaks. Also, the specs on the new iPhones are impressive, especially the camera and battery life.” 

Of course, for Apple lovers, iPhone 11 is a must-buy. A number of Webbies including Elizabeth Wang (‘21), Koki, Angie Chen (‘20), had placed their orders as soon as the iPhone 11 was released for pre-ordering. 

Phones are very personal objects – when you find the one, you know. If you pursue quality phones with amazingly high specifications, iPhone 11 may not be your top choice. But if you are simply looking for the next cool phone to have, iPhone 11 is the phone for you.

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About the Contributor
Cathy Wang, Editor-in-Chief
Cathy Wang (‘22), an international boarding student from Shanghai, returns to Webb this year not only as the Editor-in-Chief for the WCC- but also as a dorm prefect and admissions fellow. She is excited to be back on campus, taking new classes and reconnecting with the Webb community. So far, Cathy’s favorite course that she has taken at Webb has been Advanced Studies Fascism with Ms. Fisher, which she enjoyed because of how the course related to current issues that she cares about, such as education and gender inequality. These are just a few of the topics that Cathy hopes to shed some more light on, both via the WCC and in person. Outside of classes, Cathy enjoys playing badminton and tennis, reading Latin literature or magical realism, and taking occasional trips to the Claremont Village. Additionally, you might also find her sipping her daily coffee or eating any kind of Japanese food. As the world slowly comes back from the pandemic and Webb shifts to in-person learning, Cathy hopes for the WCC to serve as a facilitator for the Webb community in fostering much-needed connections between people. Favorite song: "I Lost A Friend" by Finneas

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