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Webbies break out of the new library escape room

Sharon Xu
Nina Luo (‘22), Leeann Shu (‘22), Haley Colorado (‘22), and Nancy Li (‘22) just beginning their game at the library lockers.

Apart from running from zombies and screaming on the haunted tours, Webbies could also test their wits in the Fawcett Library’s escape room. For the first time, the library debuted a Stranger Things-themed escape room this spooky season. 

The escape room was organized by Melissa Mani, Library Assistant, and Dr. Nathan Hubbard, Library Assistant. They set up the escape room for Halloween in order to give students something challenging and engaging to do during their free time. 

Dr. Hubbard said, “There was something online that had some ideas for a Stranger Things specifically themed escape room, and then we took that and looked at our library space and said, ‘how can we make this for the library?’” 

The objective of the game was to find clues and solve each puzzle within a 30-minute timeframe. Teams get their first clue at the lockers in the back of the library, where the escape room began. After successfully unlocking the locker, teams took the second clue along with a locked box bound shut by a chain into Room 3. There, in Room 3, they carried out the majority of the game. In the room, teams searched for pieces of paper with numbers to unlock the box. Once the box is unlocked, teams continued their search for clues until they could unlock a cupboard. Once they unlocked the cupboard, the team must once again unlock a locker which will end the game. 

The escape room required players to think critically in order to piece together the clues and use them to open the locks. Students also have to work together to use their time wisely and finish within the 30-minute timeframe. 

The escape room ran from October 28th through November 8th. During those ten days, students had the chance to sign up for various time slots and participate in the escape room experience. In the end, one group of students came out on top: Francesca Lascano (‘23), Oma Sukul (‘23), Emily Huang (‘23), and Viraj Nigam (‘23). 

Emily Huang (‘23) said, “I think the people who made [the escape room] put a lot of care into making it, and also I believe a lot of people should challenge themselves to do it because it was a really fun experience.”

Faculty members also tried their luck in the escape room. The winning group of faculty members was the Admissions Team, titled “Simon Says,” made up of David Martinsen, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Amy Stoddard, Admission Executive Assistant, Sarah Garcia, Associate Director of Admission, Alex Wiersma, Admission Coordinator, and Jeff Stodgel, Senior Director of Admission and Financial Aid. 

The escape room is a great chance for students to bond with their peers and put their minds to the test. The game incorporated many different thoughtful aspects such as looking for clues, piecing clues together, and running around the room and the library area. In order to do well and to escape, students had to combine their talents and work cohesively. 

Viraj Nigam (‘23) said, “I think [my team] had a lot of chemistry with each other. We were talking it out, we were remembering things, and each member of the team really helped out.”

Not only can students bond with their peers through the escape room, but faculty groups on campus can also use the escape room as a team-bonding exercise.

Ms. Garcia said, “We were welcoming Ms. Wiersma to the office and thought that [the escape room] would be a good team-building exercise because we have done two as admission team-building exercises [before]. It’s really good team building for us.”

Although this was the first year that the library has created an escape room, their success was incredible, as students and faculty alike clamored for a chance to test their skills in the game. 

NOTE: Dr. Mark Dzula manages the library as the Director of Teaching and Learning Resources and also advises the Webb Canyon Chronicle.

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