The Bookworm Club brings together a community of readers with its first online meeting


Laura Haushalter

Sofia Centeno (‘22), Laura Haushalter (‘21), Yvonne Kan (‘22), Eleanor Hong (‘24), Elsa Li (‘24), Jenny Wang (‘24), Sunny Yu (‘22), Hank Sun (‘22), Dr. Mark Dzula, Emily Li (‘24), Aiperi Bush (‘24), Liz Bowman (‘22), Maria Duan (‘23), and Dilnar Yu (‘24) smiles as they hold their favorite books during the club’s first meeting.

With the continuation of online learning, Webb’s annual club fair was replaced by Club Webb online. Although students are unable to meet club officers in person or receive candies and snacks, they had access to short video introductions of the clubs, the club logo, mission statement, and online sign-up links on the website 

Just as the club fair for returning clubs came to an end, many student groups have started organizing events and meetings, garnering energy for the new school year. The Bookworm club is of no exception. 

The Bookworm club at Webb strives to create a space for readers to share their love for books. As a returning club, the Bookworm club is welcoming twenty-nine club members this year, most of them being underclassmen. 

“I joined the book club because I’ve always loved books,” said Elsa Li (‘24). “Recently, I haven’t had time to pick up a book. I was hoping the book club would rekindle my interest.”  

In the meantime, the club officers are excited for the new school year and are planning engaging events for the rest of the community. 

I am really excited to get people reading and engaging in conversations about books, said Sofia Centeno (‘22), president of the club. “My connection to people who have read over the pandemic has dropped, and so I am ready to talk more about books. I am so excited to share my passion for reading with others 

I am looking forward to having rants about books and getting book recommendations from others,” said Yvonne Kan (‘22), treasurer of the club  

During their first meeting on Tuesday, September 22nd, the members of the club met on Zoom and introduced themselves as well as their favorite books. Members excitedly shared their favorite storieswith most members sharing a common passion for fiction. 

“I thought the meeting was good and there wasn’t too much awkward silences,” said Elsa. “Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s favorite books. I’m also looking forwards to maybe introducing something new to everyone!” 

I’m really excited to get to know the other people in the club, get book recommendations, and discuss books with everyone,” said Aiperi Bush (‘24)The first meeting went really wellEveryone seems nice and welcoming, and the events seem like a lot of fun. 

After the introductions, the club officers introduced the overall goals for the year. In October, the club will be screening a Halloween film based off a book and will hold a dramatic reading event, where they will read spooky poems and short stories 

I’m especially looking forward to the Halloween reading, it’s a chance to make up for not being able to celebrate it,” said Aiperi. 

Besides the Halloween activity, the club will also launch a “read around the world” book challenge to support Webb’s global theme for the school year.  

Despite the many challenges operating online for the first semester, the Bookworm club and many other clubs at Webb are excited and confident to follow the prefects’ lead, using online communications and technology to accommodate their club members and organize fun community events.   

Note: Dr. Mark Dzula, the adviser of the Webb Canyon Chronicle, also serves as the Bookworm’s club advisor. In addition, Sunny Yu (‘22) and Laura Haushalter (‘21) serve as officers.