Common Ground podcast: Election Edition


Graphic courtesy of Sunny You ('22).

Students come together for a discussion on the presidential election.

Common Ground is a new podcast and video series of the Opinion section of the Webb Canyon Chronicle. Through this program, we hope to encourage open conversations and discussions on current events and policies. The first episode of Common Ground is all about the 2020 election, where we tackle different reactions to the election results. With a diverse cast of guests, we hope to find some common ground and encourage students to engage in the community through open conversations.  

This episode is brought to you by the Co-Editors of Opinion, Sunny Yu (‘22) and Yiyi Ouyang (‘21), and co-hosts are Patrick Doñez (‘21), Editor-In-Chief of the Webb Canyon Chronicle, and Leeann Shu (‘22), the Editor of Technology. The guests include Aiperi Bush (‘24), Sebastian Hazlett (‘24), Mia Baldwin (‘22), Leslie Huh (‘22), and Bill Zheng (‘21).