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Webbies hit the slopes

Julia Fenner (’23)
Julia Fenner (‘23) shows off her newly learned snowboarding trick called a tripod and poses for the camera.

As winter comes to an end and spring begins, snowboarding is once again reaffirmed as the pinnacle of wintertime sports. The fresh snow falling on the mountains not only provides a picturesque view for those who live in the foothills, but it also gives snowboarding enthusiasts a great opportunity to escape to the mountains. Thankfully, for those who live in Southern California, there are multiple mountains within driving range that are open for skiers and snowboarders alike. Local Webb students are spoiled for options, as Mountain High is a little less than an hour away in Wrightwood; in addition, Big Bear and Mt Baldy are also close by.  

For Webbies looking for a weekend getaway and a big mountain skiing experience, there is Mammoth Mountain. Despite being five hours north of Los Angeles, the long drive is well worth it once arrived, as its massive runs and burgeoning mountain town hold unique opportunities for your bite sized vacation. Since Mountain High is only a short drive away, people can drive up just for the day or for a couple of hours.  

“We went up for the night skiing and it wasn’t overly crowded, Maksym Graham (‘23) said. “It was lots of fun to get to snowboard again, especially when I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to.  

Since so many activities and events have been cancelled and changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were left wondering if hitting the slopes was even going to be an option this year. Thankfully, due to the social distancing guidelines, mask wearing policies, and other new COVID-19 regulations, the slopes were able to stay open all of winter.  

However, snowboarding season is slowly ending, as the sunny SoCal weather grows hotter and hotter with each passing day. This changing weather makes it harder for snowboarders to enjoy themselves, as the slopes become icy as the fresh powder melts away.  

As spring begins to arrive in California, Webbies in other states are still getting plentiful amounts of snow.  

“I usually drive up to Bear Creek which is about an hour away,said Julia Fenner (‘23), who currently lives in Pennsylvania. “I went the other day, and it was such a nice day and there was even some powder from the snowstorm the day before. 

Although snowboarding can be a very enjoyable activity, both beginners and experienced aficionados alike must be careful of the dangers involved in such a fast-paced sport. Just like any sport, there comes a risk of injury that, only multiplies if one falls on hard ice 

“I’ve been snowboarding since I was nine years old, but on December 30th, I caught my edge and broke my collarbone,Julia said. It was displaced about four centimeters and I had to get surgery. 

This injury serves as a precautionary tale for all Webbies who are eager to go snowboarding: be careful and be safe. Yet, as always, enjoy being outside and taking in the fresh mountain air!

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