Webb students prepare for the first homecoming after pandemic


@webbstugov on Instagram and South Hills Country Club Marketing Manager, Monica Suarez

Collage of Webb students’ homecoming proposals with the homecoming venue, South Hills Country Club in the middle.

Over the past few weeks, recent activities at Webb include designing homecoming posters, asking that special someone out, and shopping for glamorous outfits, as students prepare for the dance set at the South Hills Country Club this Saturday, November 13th. Webb’s student government has been planning the event for a few weeks now, and triumphantly got approval for the occasion from Webb’s medical advisory board a week before tickets went on sale.

As expected, members of student government had to make important decisions, notably selecting a venue that would uphold the COVID protocols Webb enforces.

“We picked the venue according to the safety guidelines which is 30 minutes of driving and has to be outdoors,” said Catherine Li (‘22), VWS executive officer. “South Hills Country Club has a lot of outside space and that was very suitable for our school’s standards.”

As per Webb’s guidelines on campus, masks will be required, since homecoming is a congregation of over 100 people. Food will also be served at the venue, which students will be required to eat outside.

James Huerta, advisor of student government, describes the process in which the South Hills Country Club venue had to go through to be approved as the venue.

“[Approval] depended on certain things that [the medical advisory board] wanted, like vaccination policy, willingness to abide by our policies in terms of masking and holding the venue outside,” Mr. Huerta said. “Students should definitely expect masking and all vendors and everyone there working the event will be masked as well.”

Mikey Chai (‘22), photography and publicity commissioner for student government, chose the homecoming venue this year.

“I picked South Hills Country Club because it was the only venue within a 30-minute drive that was nice,” Mikey said.

Thanks to COVID-19, homecoming this year will not be a normal experience for students of any grade since homecoming during the 2020-2021 school year was universally missed. Sophomores and freshmen will be experiencing homecoming for the first time this Saturday, while juniors will be experiencing homecoming for the second time, and seniors for their third and final time.

Two sophomore members of student government describe their experience and excitement for their first homecoming on Saturday.

“I didn’t know what to expect at first. I helped with the little things like selling tickets and learning the overall process of creating a homecoming,” said Pui Fong (‘24), WSC sophomore class president.

“Personally, I’m very excited because this is my first homecoming as a Webb student,” said Camile Casper (‘24), VWS sophomore vice president. “Student government has been busy meeting and making sure everything will be amazing. Plus, I can’t wait for an occasion to dress up with my closest friends.”