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Webb Prefects plan Holiday Party and Toy Drive

The Prefect Council is excited to host the Holiday Party and Toy Drive on campus once again! To publicize the return of these annual events, members of the council created posters to advertise around campus to donate to the Toy Drive and attend the Holiday Party. (graphic courtesy to Nichola Monroe and Kaylynn Chang.)

Christmas is creeping up around the corner, and to honor the holiday season, Webb’s prefect council is hosting a celebration for the entire school. After a two-year-long absence, students prepare to stroll onto Centennial field, greeted by Christmas-themed lights, holiday music, gingerbread, and snacks, all at a comforting, long-awaited, extravagant community event.

To plan the 2021 Holiday Party this year, the Day Student Prefects and the Dorm Prefects gathered on Webb patio to organize a week filled with fun activities for the Webb community. From the Toy Drive to the hot snacks that will be available during the Sunday night festivities, the Prefects are excited to return to the familiar tradition.

“The prefects have worked really hard to throw a holiday party where Webb students can feel a sense of home during the holidays,” said Kalman Dong (’22), a WSC dorm prefect. “We would like everybody to come.”

Traditionally, the Holiday Party was held on the Ruddick Patio, but this year it will be held on Centennial Field. The event includes snacks, music, comedic poems, and a faculty member dressed as Santa.
Before the festivities begin at 7:30 p.m., WSC and VWS dorms will gather to sing Christmas carols with each other.

In the past, WSC dorms would sing to a VWS dorm, then walk them to the Holiday Party. Instead, this year, the prefect council has decided to switch it up by having VWS join in on the singing along with day student prefects.

This year, the dorm pairs are North Hutch with South Hutch, Jameson with Alamo, Jones with Holt and Kirkhill, and Reynold and MacLeod with Appleby. Dorm pairs will carol to each other, as opposed to listening to the WSC dorm sing.

After the caroling, students can head over to the Holiday Party where one or two faculty members will read out the holiday poem they wrote together, casually ‘roasting’ the students. This year, faculty member Nika Haleftiras will take part in the annual tradition, so students can expect a great start to the party.

The party will have several other things, such as potential live performances from students, fire pits for s’mores, holiday-themed foods, a photo booth, and Dr. Brendan Beikmann, science department faculty, as Webb’s very own Santa.

However, the holiday week is not only for those at Webb. It’s also an opportunity to give back to our local communities.

The prefects are hosting a Toy and Donation Drive for charity the entire week leading up to the party. Prefects will collect donations during lunch all throughout the week, and there is a ‘wishing tree’ in the dining hall with tags listing gifts for children.

Students can purchase these items and place it underneath the tree, or they can donate any physical items of their choice to add during this season of giving. It is also a newer tradition that began last year for prefects to create an Amazon wish list for students to select items from and buy. All gift donations and purchases will benefit local charities.  

Amidst the spirit of holiday fun, it is difficult for international students as they struggle now more than ever to find opportunities to return home, wherever that may be. When Webb creates events that bring the community together to celebrate holidays in their own unique way, it creates a sense of unity and belonging within the community.  

Christmas can be a vulnerable time for those who can’t travel back to their hometown, but the Webb prefect council has provided a lovely substitute for that warm feeling of family and home. 

The Webb Christmas party is a long-awaited event that students remember throughout the year. It helps bring students closer together through holiday-themed activities and gives them a chance to give back to the community through the Toy and Donation Drive. Students should look forward to a jolly time down at Centennial this Sunday. 

Try the Christmas crossword puzzle! (courtesy to Nichola Monroe)

Answer keys

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