Webb students have a blast at Jubilee


Dora Ding

Webb Canyon Chronicle journalists performed “Our Song” by Taylor Swift with George Cardenas (‘23) on the piano, Jovana Luna (‘24) and David Hastings (‘22) on the guitars, and the others singing. As the second major group performance, the group spirit moved the audience to wave with the music.

On April 30th, basking under the beautiful California sunlight, Webb students attended the annual Jubilee event on Centennial Field. This musical festival is one of Webb’s most cherished traditions, featuring the talents of students and faculty alike. From 3 p..m. to 9 p.m., the stage welcomed a variety of performances, ranging from K-pop dancers to solo instrumentalists, singing duets, and more. 

Kicking off the event, a dazzling group of K-pop dancers composed of VWS students from all grade levels danced to several renowned pop songs including “Mafia in the Morning,”, “Black Mamba,” “Dynamite,” and finally, “Dance the Night Away.”      

Perhaps the performance that roused the most attention and excitement from the audience was the faculty and staff band, with the Webb Canyon Chronicle advisor Dr. Dzula as lead singer, Mr. Anthony Noronha, business office staff, and Ms. Jessica Fisher, Chair of Humanities Department, as guitarists, and the rest of the teachers as enthusiastic dancers. They sang “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader. Nearby faculty members including Dr. Theresa Smith, Associate Head of Schools, and Mr. Rick Duque, Dean of Webb School of California, were encouraged by students to dance on the stage. The audience responded with earnest claps and sing-alongs and the atmosphere of Jubilee was pushed to the peak of thrill and excitement. 

One other notable performance was the beatboxing from Jordon Sun (‘23), whose impromptu performance impressed the audience with his solid grasp of rhythms and sounds.  

The Alf Museum research rap presented by Joseph Ferrari (‘22), Nathan Choi (‘22), DJ Jalelah Johnson (‘22), and drummer Nathan Lara (‘22) also presented an authentic Webb performance.  

“It was the most electric performance of the night,” said Nick Lee (‘22). “It rocked. Pun intended.”   

Lastly, the two group performances –– singing from the WCC journalists and dancers from South Hutch —heightened a sense of community and mutual solidarity. The journalists donned their new magenta sweatshirts and sang “Our Song” by Taylor Swift, where Bianca Arteaga (‘22), Sharon Xu (‘22), and Emily Li (‘24) served as lead singers. The South Hutch residents and Dr. Hartle brought a dance for “Mic Drop” by BTS.  

The evening was brought to a close with the phenomenal performance by Orange Juice, a band including Xander Kong (‘22), Mickey Chai (‘22), David Hastings (‘22), and a guest guitarist.  

“It was really hyped, dusty, and fun,” said Kristie Ma (‘24). “But it was also bittersweet because it was the seniors’ last performance.”