Big News: Big Cookie

Payton Williams, Editor of Features

This past Monday, the usual Monday gloom was brightened with students all over campus opening their Big Cookies. “Big Cookie is a really good and cute way to give cheap gifts to make your friend’s day or wish them a ‘Happy Birthday.’ Even if you don’t get a cookie, it’s fun for everyone because everyone shares their cookie and we all get to try them,” say Anya Vincent (‘18) and Camille Ylagan (‘18).

The December batch featured cookies with all types of messages from elaborate holiday designs to jokes and birthday notes. “I sent a cookie to my little brother that said, ‘You’re adopted,’ so the cookies can be funny and cute,” says Savannah Thomas (‘18).

The VWS senior class fundraising, or “Big cookie,” volunteer committee is a student-run group that sells pizza-sized cookies to the student body. These cookies can be ordered on STAS or at Webb events such as Art Café and Parents Weekend. Big cookies are baked and distributed monthly in efforts of fundraising for the end of the year class trip to Half-Dome, Yosemite. These family size treats are available in Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Chip, and Seasonal Favorite, a surprise flavor chosen by the committee each month.

Each VWS senior advisory is assigned a month. With the help of the committee, the group assigned to that month is responsible for baking, boxing, and decorating the cookies. The volunteer bakers get together on the designated sunday of that month to recreate the order designs with colored icing.