Stress less so you aren’t a mess

Starting December 4th, the Peer Advisors organized their biannual “Stress Less Week” on campus. Each participating leadership group hosted a small event that encouraged students to take a moment to unwind during one of the final weeks before the end of the semester.

Jacob Passalaqua (‘19) explains, “Part of our jobs as PAs is to ease the transition into Webb, which can be a stressful environment. Stress Less Week is a good event for us because it allows us to continue that transition and keep everyone in high spirits, especially as we get to the halfway point of the year.” With the hassles of finishing projects, writing papers, and studying for tests while fulfilling the commitments of afternoon activities, Webb students can accumulate high-stress levels rapidly. Stress Less Week reminds students to have a healthy mindset when they are approaching due dates.

Stress Less Week included three short activities held during lunch for all Webbies to enjoy. The Peer Advisors coordinated a fur-filled event on Wednesday as students lined up on Chandler Field to play with the adorable puppies and bunnies. “The dogs were really cute and fluffy, and that made me more energized throughout the day because I wasn’t cooped up in my room all day studying” says Emma Lin (‘20).

The next day, the Dorm Council set up a table in the Dining Hall for people to let their creativity flow and get into the winter spirit. Paper snowflakes with intricate patterns covered the table as students created masterpieces. Claire Diepenbrock (‘21) says, “It was nice to see my classmates making the snowflakes, and it was just a nice break from the day.”

The International Student Liaison finished off the week by assembling a slime station outside of the Dining Hall. Students along with faculty members played with the goo inside of the silver trays. “It was fun to touch and super satisfying to play with the slime,” recalls Ashley Cox (‘21).

Even though the week did not chase away all of the responsibilities and work that us Webbies face, it gave relief and raised spirits during this time of the year.