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How to make the perfect Webb bagel

Kathy Duan
Behold the perfect bagel. Consisting of white bread with poppy seeds, toasted to a perfect golden brown, and topped with a blend of peanut butter and jelly, this Webb bagel reigns supreme. “I only make [this] one type of bagel,” said Pui Fong (‘24), a bagel aficionado. Read more to find out how you can make this delectable snack!

“It’s very important that you choose the bread with the black seeds on it,” said Pui Fong (‘24), a Webb bagel connoisseur. 

The bagel bread serves as the foundation of a good bagel. When toasted golden brown, the poppy seed gives off a nutty aroma that wafts into your nose before the bagel touches your mouth. You cannot just pick any average bagel bread—you should pick one with a particularly small hole in the middle. The reason pertains to the next step: the spread. 

After some shuffling, you have found the perfect bagel: white bread with poppy seeds and a small hole. You excitedly tear open its Ziplock bag and split the bagel in half to place into the toaster. You set the toaster to setting three, so the bagel comes out perfectly golden brown. (Kathy Duan)

There are many combinations of spread, but for bagel expert Fong, peanut butter and jelly, a classic, is the one to choose. Spread one condiment on each side and smack it together! PB and J can provide you with comfort as you reminisce about your mom’s PB and J sandwich. The small hole in the bagel now comes to play. For any spread that might overflow, a small hole is necessary to prevent any loss of your precious filling. 

You lather on a good slab of peanut butter on one side of the bagel, while the other side is covered with jelly. You try to load as much as possible onto your bagel — this is the good stuff! (Kathy Duan)

Though this article gives you a way to make a good bagel, Fong ultimately advises that you follow your heart. 

“[Bagel making] is a time to express my desires,” Fong said. “It gives me the freedom to truly eat what I want.”  

As you take a hearty bite, the peanut butter and jelly run off onto your fingers, but you don’t care. This is exactly what you wanted. (Kathy Duan)

Whether you make a bagel during breakfast or when you have a “spare minute” between your classes, take this time as a rare moment to do simply what you want amidst your many duties at Webb. 

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Kathy Duan, Copy Editor
In both the classroom and at your local law firm, Kathy Duan (‘25) radiates an aura of unwavering positivity, always prepared to offer a listening ear or a supportive shoulder to those in need. Serving on the Honor Committee and contributing to the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a Copy Editor, Kathy showcases her dedication and dependability, readily addressing any questions from political theory and philosophy to the finer points of the Webb Canyon Chronicle’s style guide. During the summers of her sophomore and junior years, she immersed herself in an internship at a community law firm, deftly managing client communications. Beyond her legal pursuits, Kathy shines as a passionate debater, and is an integral part of the Webb debate team. Most notably, she founded a non-profit organization, Roundtable Debate Academy, that makes speech and debate classes more accessible. Apart from the newsroom, leadership, or debate, you may sometimes find Kathy at the pool practicing water polo with friends or in Fawcett Library researching the next big story in today’s political scene. As a passionate advocate for rectifying injustices around educational equality, Kathy dedicates herself to finding solutions constantly. The next time you walk by the Fawcett Library or take a nice stroll by Stockdale Center, be on the lookout for Kathy’s next big article! Favorite Song: "Passionfruit" by Drake

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