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How to find your favorite color

Leia Albornoz
Around Webb are bright colors you might not ever take the time to notice. If you have trouble finding a color that suits you, you might want to look around first. “Color is one of the most integral parts of a film’s composition. Not only can the cinematographer play with color within the lighting, staging and dressing of the set (mise en scène) but also with different colored filters and gels,” said Meagan Macphee, humanities department faculty and Honors Media and Social Change teacher.

In order to see, light is reflected off of surfaces and into our pupils. Our eyes send signals to the brain, allowing us to construct millions of shades and hues that are commonly known as colors.  

With so many to choose from, you might have trouble finding your favorite. Whether deciding what color to paint your room or what color to say for that annoying, repetitive icebreaker, here are the steps to finding your color of choice.  

First, you must absorb the colors around you. Next time you walk through the park, notice the way the grass shines like emeralds under the warm golden sun. Stare into the sunset as the sky transforms from wispy brushes of oranges, yellows, and pinks into a dotted, endless black map charted with white stars. Did you know that blue roses are rare? Did you know babies can distinguish red first?  

“Muted, cool colors can often emphasize sadness, dreariness, more weighty emotions,” said Meagan MacPhee, humanities department faculty and Honors Media and Social Change teacher. “Warmer colors can help ground joyful or romantic scenes, and sepia can pull us into nostalgia or give us clues that we’re jumping time period.”   

One method that I find extremely helpful is to imagine yourself in a film.  

What kinds of colors do you view in your life? From a deep blue sadness to a green envy, I encourage you to embrace your emotions in your choice. When thinking about a favorite color, remember to choose the ones that make you feel like yourself, and not the ones that people say are the best.  

When used masterfully, color can underscore important emotions and themes of the film or can paradoxically be used to play with viewer’s emotional expectations,” Ms. MacPhee said.  “Color or its absence can tie the disparate parts of a film together into a cohesive message or emotional experience.” 

However, your life is more than just a film. Your emotions are not just a combination of random colors. Pick a color that expresses you. Whether it’s your favorite color to wear or the one you always seem to choose when buying random household items, be sure to gravitate towards a color that you feel represents your identity.  

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About the Contributor
Leia Albornoz, Co-Editor of Features
Now a junior, Leia Albornoz (‘25) is ready to leave an impact on her community. Very passionate about identity and representation of culture, she wants to influence those who share the same ethnicity as her to be proud and embrace their culture. During her free time, Leia enjoys hanging out with friends and making spontaneous plans. While not with friends, Leia spends a lot of her time painting and reading in nature. This year, she wants to paint the admissions fountain, as it reminds her of her current favorite collection of paintings called Water Lilies by Claude Monet. As a peer advisor, Asian Affinity Group leader, and an Editor of Features, Leia has stepped up and is prepared to show leadership around campus and in the newsroom. She loves to listen to music, and she finds herself dancing every time she hears a catchy beat. Leia best demonstrates her journalist skills in articles based around culture and identity topics that she cares a lot about. Her goal for this year's publication is to keep up pace in her work and push more articles that her peers would want to read.  Favorite Song: "Street by Street" by Laufey

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