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How to cut your bangs at 2 a.m.

In the middle of the night, Emily Thornton (‘25) spontaneously decides to boldly transform her look with a bang trim. An impulsive hair makeover is often used to mark a new chapter of one’s life or shift in self-image in response to emotional distress. “What you often see are these impulsive things happening after you’ve been highly emotional or during highly emotional moments because your brain is not on board to be able to actually think logically through the steps,” said Melanie Bauman, Director of Wellness.

“It looks a little bit like this: I’m sitting on my floor, thinking about the world, and you know what? My life sucks, and I need to change, so I think, how can I fix that?” Emily Thornton (‘25) said. “Oh my god, let me cut my bangs.” 

Emily is just one of the many people that have made the often middle-of-the-night impulsive decision to give themselves a hair makeover.  

Even though we strongly advise against acting upon these impulses, we can offer a simple guide on how to carry on with this process if the urge is simply impossible to ignore.  

Not much is required to cut bangs apart from a proper amount of hair on your own head and a pair of scissors. However, even the choice of scissors plays a determining role in the result.  

“You get out a pair of hair scissors you have in your dorm,” said Emily. “You’ve learned from the craft scissors era.” 

Next, you must carefully separate the front part of your hair that will face the wrath of the scissors, in combination with your motor skills, if you desire for the final look to be somewhat presentable. Unfortunately, this is where most of us tend to slip up. If you’re not careful, your bangs will end up being too short or too choppy.  

“You cut your hair in a weird, upside down, lopsided v,” Emily said. “You create these curtain bangs, but they are still face-framing layers. You decide they need to be shorter, until you accidentally cut them way too short…so you end up with weird, wonky bangs.” 

Fig. 1: Weird, wonky bangs


If you are one of the unlucky ones, you must face the dilemma of choosing whether to let your hastily cut forehead fringe grow out naturally (which would mean months of braving public scrutiny) or succumbing to the status quo and seeking out your hairstylist for help. 

“You go home and tell your hairdresser ‘Look, I made a mistake,’” Emily said. “They fix it for you and give you a lecture, but you still do it again — that’s about how it goes.” 

Of course, it is an unreasonable expectation to follow these steps, when what led you here in the first place was irrationality and wanting a quick, visible change.   

However, making impulsive decisions is a way to exert energy and get a sense of control in situations where you feel powerless.  

“Sometimes making impulsive decisions can actually allow us to do something in a space with that energy that’s not as dangerous or interrupting our lives as another choice,” said Melanie Bauman, Director of Wellness.   

Although it is an emotionally dysregulated response to stress, a sudden change in appearance is a safe way to release energy. Your hair will grow back, and even if you don’t like the bangs initially, you can always find a cute hair clip to pin them.   

So, if you still find yourself standing in front of the mirror with scissors at 2 a.m., go ahead and cut those bangs, let that energy out of your body, and embrace your new self.  

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Elena Petrova, Copy Editor
Elena Petrova (‘25) calls Moscow home, knowing every street and every pigeon, and yet she has been chased through the city for holding a piece of paper questioning the authority of her country's president. Always wanting her voice heard, she fights for her future and her community, hoping for a day when Russia can be free. As such, Elena looks forward to indulging her fascination with Russian and Soviet history and culture in Advanced Studies Cold War class. She also gives others a voice: as a passionate learner of many languages, she helps six students, including a Webb alum, embark on their linguistic journeys by teaching them English and Russian. As a Webbie, Elena serves this community as a prefect in Appleby, and a stage manager for this year’s fall play. Though she is very busy, you can also find her cooking new recipes, including her favorite dish: ratatouille. This year, Elena hopes to balance her urge to serve others with protecting her mental health and well-being. At the Webb Canyon Chronicle, she hopes to continue making the student community’s voice heard through more opinion articles, understanding that authority shall be questioned.   Favorite song:  ОГНЕЙ by SALUKI
Taya Sibichenkova, Chief Editor of News
Taya Sibichenkova’s (‘24) kindness and commitment to bettering the world through medicinal and environmental studies shines throughout every aspect of her life. From dedicating her summer to researching population health alongside graduate scientists, to sharing her passion for nature as a children’s science camp counselor, to creating an independent research proposal on drug repurposing at the Claremont Colleges, Taya’s interest in health is boundless. Partly driven by her selfless, caring personality and ability to think outside the box, Taya knows the importance of a holistic approach to medicine and a health As Chief Editor of News, she is ready to recognize and spread awareness of the issues our world faces, such as her article on the timeline of the Ukraine-Russia war. Yet Taya’s leadership is not just limited to news and science. For two years now, she has served as a welcoming admissions ambassador. When Taya isn’t busy being a real-life superhero, she enjoys brewing kombucha, knitting, watching sci-fi movies, and playing the guitar. This year, Taya is excited to bring her interests in health sciences and environmental justice to the newsroom and beyond.       Song: Heat Above – Greta Van Fleet

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