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How to make a playlist

Troy Seanoa
As she sits and prepares to work on her homework, Emily Thornton (‘25) looks through her playlists deciding which would be best to listen to. Looking for the perfect mix of songs to help set a mindset that will lead to success, Emily chooses her gym playlist. “Not having music in when doing something is pointless. Especially with homework, my music is what keeps me going,” Emily said. Having hopes that it will increase her energy and encourage her to keep going, like it does when she is working out.

For many, making a playlist isn’t a random assortment of songs; it’s an art. Playlists can be for the gym, lonely late-night drives, staying inside on cold rainy days, or those warm summer nights surrounded by a campfire and friends. The right mixture of specially selected songs can take these moments and turn them into unforgettable memories that will forever be engraved within the soundtrack of your life.  

“I love listening to music before my wrestling matches,” Ethan Lou (‘24) said. “I will listen to music to hype me up or to calm my nerves.” 

So, how do you perfect a playlist? What steps are taken to ensure that the playlists you make are just right? 

 First, start with picking a tone or vibe for the playlist. Nathan Pugmire, a junior at Damien High School in La Verne, whose music taste expands throughout many genres, has made over 50 playlists. With each new playlist Nate tries to push the boundaries of interpretation and the emotions of the listeners, learning to perfect his craft each time.  

“I love making playlists,” Nathan said. “It is a great way for me to build my music taste and get to know new artists under the genres I am looking into.” 

When making a playlist, you need to pick a genre of music to be the theme of your playlist. Then, you can add music either from your favorite artists or any new artists that interest you. Finally, pick the songs that you like from each artist that you feel are meaningful and add to the tone of your playlist. Repeat these steps if needed, making changes to perfect the playlist’s style and expressiveness. Each playlist should have a little bit of you in it. When you or other people listen, they should have a sense of what its message is. 

“Creating my own playlist is way better than listening to the radio,” Nathan said. “I can skip any song that I don’t want to listen to, and every song is a song I personally chose to add.” 

When customizing a playlist, you have the freedom to be creative, as you can add or drop any song. Music is a key part of our lives, as it can change or set the mood at any time. 

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Ethan Normann
Ethan Normann, Staff Writer
If you spot a football cutting through the Webb sky, chances are that Ethan Normann (‘25) is nearby. As a quarterback for Webb’s football team, Ethan throws and catches his beloved football almost every day, whether with his friends during lunch time, at practices with teammates, or when playing high-stake games on Faculty Field. Just as Ethan hurls a football to his teammates, he launches himself at experiences and opportunities, embracing them like one might catch a swift, spiraling pass. Ethan credits Ms. Fisher’s American Society class as a “life-changing Webb experience,citing the games and materials as having fueled his growing passion for history. He has also developed a fine taste for all corners of the entertainment world: country and rap music, timeless movies like Forrest Gump, and TV shows like Brooklyn 99. His love for movies and TV shows has sparked an interest in the writers strike, as he hopes to advocate for the writers behind his favorite movies to get compensated. Junior year will be an exciting one for Ethan Normann as he aims for big goals: to make this the best year it can be write more meaningful content for the WCC, and to win even more football games. Favorite Song: "Power Trip" by J. Cole
Troy Seanoa
Troy Seanoa, Chief of Sports
If Troy Seanoa (‘24) got the chance to go on vacation at this moment, he would escape to Hawaii to soak up the sun. His laid-back attitude, mixed with a willingness to try something new, are what distinguish him as a friend and a journalist. When Troy is not on vacation, he shines on Faculty Field as a senior football team captain with years of rugby football experience under his belt. After the games are over, he can be found eating At Chili’s with friends, hanging out at his grandparents’ house, or relaxing on Sundays. Like an ocean breeze, Troy goes with the flow in any situation. Whether it is daily activities with his friends, exploring a vacation spot or catching up with his grandparents, Troy will always find enjoyment in whatever he decides to do. As a journalist, Troy channels his easygoing vibe in his articles, spanning a variety of sections ranging from sports to features. For the future, Troy wants to maximize productivity during the publication cycle to maximize relaxation on vacation. Favorite Song: "I'm Geekin" by DDG

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