Sophomore class helps serve the community


Graphic from VideoBlocks.

Every year, the VWS Sophomore class participates in community service programs as part of their retreat. During the next few months, they will be working with Isaiah’s Rock Non-Denominational Home, planting trees and picking up trash along the Euclid walking trail, as well as planning the spring dance. With this program, students have the opportunity to give back to Claremont, the environment, and Webb.

The first of these opportunities will allow the students to work with Isaiah’s Rock Non-Denominational Home. Isaiah’s Rock is an organization that allows volunteers to provide food and other necessities for those in need. Numerous businesses and individuals, such as Boy Scout troops and the Fairplex, have partnered with them to help with their every day work or host different events.

Webb has participated with this program to give the VWS sophomores the opportunity to sort donated toys. They will be working on December 8th and 15th in the morning until about noon.

Shannon Uppal (‘21), the VWS sophomore class president, said, “I’m really excited about having the opportunity to be able to give back to the community, whether it is planting trees in our city, or participating in the food bank.”

Another part of the community service program takes students to the walking trail on Euclid where they will plant trees and pick up trash. Everyday, joggers traverse this path, and it is a great place to exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

Unfortunately the trail can sometimes be littered with trash, which can take away from the beauty in the nature around the trail. The simple act of picking up some of this litter will keep the animals and birds in this area from eating it and dying, thereby protecting local wildlife. It will also make the trail more enjoyable to walk through, so those on the path and driving by can focus on the surrounding nature, instead of looking at garbage.

People who have walked the trail before know that it is usually lined with luscious, green trees. To retain the peaceful and pleasant vibe of the trail, the students will also be planting trees. This activity will create new homes for animals on the trail, along with the other ecological benefits, such as cleaner air and more rich soil.

The last part of this program has students giving back to the Webb community by putting on the spring dance. The spring dance will allow the VWS and WSC sophomores to work together to create a fun event for students.

It is typically referred to as the Sadie’s dance, and this year the sophomores have been given the opportunity to choose the theme for the dance. They will begin planning it near the end of this year in order to have everything prepared by the spring. This dance is a great opportunity for the VWS and WSC sophomore classes to give back to the Webb community with a memorable event.

Sonsoles Cardalliaguet, the VWS Sophomore Lead Class Advisor, said, “All Webb students are a part of the communities around them. It is important that sophomores and all Webb students understand the many ways these communities support them in their daily lives and how important it is to look for ways to assist and give back to these communities. Giving back to our community is valuable not just through the improvements that benefit everyone in the community, but also to the students and the Webb community. These acts create goodwill towards Webb and Webb students, strengthening the bonds that maintain our community. Finally, doing something that makes a difference in the community leads to a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. You make a difference!”

It is important that we do not take the world around us for granted. There are always opportunities to give back to the environment and the community. The Mission Statement says that Webb works to teach students to work and live “with a generous spirit.” These community service opportunities allow students to fulfill this statement by learning the importance of generosity and sharing their kindness with others.

Although these charity programs are only for the sophomores, there are many ways freshmen and upperclassmen can give back as well. You can help in ways similar to the students by picking up trash or volunteering at programs like Isaiah’s Rock. You can also be a part of the community service afternoon activity program at Webb, or find other ways to give back to the community like joining outreach-based service clubs.