Annual wave of senioritis pummels the Class of 2020


Scott Nichols

The Class of 2020 poses together for their last night all together. Graphic courtesy of Scott Nichols

Every year, the reigning senior class suffers from senioritis. For the Class of 2018, senioritis meant skipping class and forgetting about assignments. For the Class of 2019, senioritis was eternal exhaustion and absolute apathy. 

So, how does the Class of 2020 differ from the classes of the past? For starters, the senior class is dealing with a real pandemic. The effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have forced all boarders to return home and adapt to online classes. The change of scenery means students’ workspaces, routines, and study habits might be a little different compared to their normal day at Webb. 

Some boarders like Ava Sinha (‘20) have already made predictions on how their senioritis is going to transition with their move back home. 

“I think that my senioritis will probably get worse because I’m at home and I don’t really associate home with doing work,” said Ava. “School is my place for work and since I’m not there, I don’t think I’ll be as motivated.”

Adjusting to working from home is one of the most difficult parts of getting used to online school, but teachers and administration have made it clear that students should work at a desk and adhere to the standard Webb dress code. Students should also pay attention in class, but working online opens the gate for side conversations through text and dozens of other distractions.

Throughout Teja Reddy (‘20)’s time at Webb, he has worked hard to achieve good grades and get into a great college. Since he has accomplished this long-term goal, senioritis has hit him with a wave of laziness even before he was working from home. 

“I feel like my senioritis is worse than before because I can get distracted really easily,” said Teja. “I could watch Netflix in class and no one would even know.”

Michelle Munguia (‘20) faces a similar dilemma. 

“I think it’s gonna be, and already somewhat is, a lot easier to get away with senioritis now that everything is online,” said Michelle. “Since we’re not on campus, it feels like we’re on a break and the summer vibes aren’t helping school motivation.”

As the COVID-19 self-quarantine continues, Webbies should try to make the proper adjustments to feel motivated in their workspaces at home and reach out to teachers if they are having problems. For the Class of 2020, senioritis is inevitable, but staying motivated by calling friends and checking in with teachers is a great way to continue to feel a part of the Webb community.