Webbies make bold predictions about this year’s Super Bowl


Six teams emerge as strong Superbowl contenders after first 4 game weeks. Graphic courtesy: Matthew Gaw (’21).

While professional sports leagues and college sports conferences subject to various schedule changes during the pandemic, the highly anticipated NFL season was able to kick off as usual in September while playing behind closed doors and with limited crowds. America’s most watched sport could not have resumed at a better time, as Webbies happily welcomed back thrill-packed Sunday afternoons in front of their TV screens.  

We picked out a few Super Bowl contending teams and here are what students had to say about their beloved team. 

Despite growing up in Pasadena, California, Alex Xiao (‘21) is a proud Baltimore Ravens fan who believes that the Ravens will win the 2020-2021 Super Bowl.  

I’ve supported the Ravens since I bandwagoned on them after their Super Bowl in 2013,” said Alex. I think this season is looking pretty good even though the Chiefs just destroyed [the Ravens]. 

“Super Bowl or bustI think the Ravens win the Super Bowl against the Seahawks,” said Alex. I think all the NFL teams lean on their quarterback and the Ravens aren’t different. They got Lamar Jackson and he can take them to the Super Bowl.” 

These expectations might be slightly overblown considering they are in the American Football Conference (AFC) with the Chiefs, who they have lost to both this season and last season.  

The Ravens were 2-0 until the Chiefs’ defense prevented Lamar Jackson from performing up to his usual standard and handed them their first loss of the season iweek threeMany compare the Ravens’ run-heavy offense to the Tennessee Titans, who are also emerging as one of the Super Bowl contenders after coming off to a strong start in the AFC.  

The Tennessee Titans currently sit atop of AFC South with a 3-0 record. The Titans have a solid running game especially due to their lead running back Derek Henry. Last season, the Titans managed to make it to the Conference Championships with their 9-7 record, defeating Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, who are placed in the number one seed, in remarkable runUnfortunately, the Ravens lost to the Chiefs, who ended up winning the Super Bowl. The Titans have an upcoming game against the Steelers, who are dominating AFC North 

The Seahawks and the Chiefs dominate the league; without a doubt, these two teams will qualify as Super Bowl contenders. While the Seahawks have demonstrated time and again their impressive scoring ability, The Chiefs have left the league in awe after beating Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.  

“Call me a delusional fan, but I believe in Russell Wilson (MVP), Tyler Lockett, and the Seahawks offense,” said Nick Lee (‘22), a new Seahawks fan after being convinced by a childhood friend. “And with Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams, I think we’re set on defence. Add in Pete Carroll, and we’re pretty dangerous this year!  We’re 3-0 so far, so we’re on pace for a perfect season!  

The spectacular performance put on by both teams has led many to believe that not only are the Seahawks and the Chiefs the best teams in the NFL right now, but they also have two of the best quarterbacks. Russel Wilson and Patrick Mahomes up MVP debates from as early as week two. This is no surprise, as both quarterbacks have won the AFC and NFC Player of the week award back to back, along with Patrick Mahomes surpassing ten thousand yards in the fewest amount of games. 

Just around fifty miles away in Inglewood, Southern California’s very own Los Angeles Rams have been off to a hot start this season. Despite narrowly losing out to the Bills in week three, they have reminded fans of the 2019 season, who saw them go all the way to Super Bowl with electrifying performances. 

 “I‘ve been a fan of the Rams since they were in St. Louis , but when they moved to Los Angeles, I definitely started following them more closely,” said Ethan Caldecott (‘21), quarterback of the WSC football team. 

While admitting that he might be slightly biased, Ethan predicts a Super Bowl between the Rams and the Chiefs.  

 Last year Goff had a bit of an off year, and the running back system had no versatility, but this year with Goff back in form and the new three running back system working well, the Rams have become a much more difficult team to play against,” said Ethan.  

With the Rams defense continuing to put up strong performances, it is no surprise that Ethan named all-pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald and pro-bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey to lead the team on a potential run to the Super Bowl 

Apart from the powerhouses on the west coast, it is important to remember the Green Bay Packers, who have been a dominant force of the NFC for the past 20 years. Entering his 15th  season in the league, the 2011 Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is still not showing signs of slowing down, as he repeatedly put up electrifying displays in his first three games. In the most exciting face-off, he defeated fellow veteran Drew Brees in a hard-fought victory over the New Orleans Saints.  

With three-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver Davante Adams and running back Aaron Jones putting up impressive numbers on both ends of the field, there is no doubt that the franchise with four Super Bowls under its belt would once again contend for the Super Bowl. 

While stadiums have noticeably lost some of their roar, this season is clearly nothing short of spectacular. Will Mahomes bring home his second ring, or will new teams rise to the challenge? Amidst the uncertainty of many events this year, one thing we are certain of is that this year’s Super Bowl race is going to be a one-of-a-kind battle.