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Taylor Swift drops new album “evermore,” in honor here are her 13 best songs from the past

A collage of Taylor Swift’s studio albums over the past fourteen years. Graphic courtesy: Laura Haushalter (’21).

Taylor Swift has defined a generation. From her first album in 2006 to her most recent music in 2020, Taylor Swift has managed to keep her fans and followers engaged for more than 14 years by creating timeless songs. Taylor has evolved as an artist, shifting from a country-singing teenager, to a pop icon, and, now to an indie folklore songstress.  

On Thursday December 10th, 2020, Taylor Swift surprised her fans with the news of a brand-new studio album, evermore, that was going to be released that very night. evermore is Taylor’s ninth studio album.  

“I have seen the news [about her new album] and I am very excited,” Riley Fass (‘23) said. “It was a big surprise to me seeing as she has just released her eighth album, Folklore, a few months ago. I am super excited to listen to it, I can’t wait.”  

I was first introduced to Taylor’s music in October 2012 when she played at the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, CA won the chance to have her preform at their college. I remember sitting in the balcony at Bridges absolutely blown away by her music. Since hearing her preform back in 2012, I have enjoyed following her journey as her music has developed.  

As fans enjoy evermore check out this playlist of her 13 best previous songs, according to me.

13. “Our Song,” Taylor Swift, 2006

The 11th track on Taylor’s self-titled studio album, “Our Song” is a perfect example of her older country vibes. Taylor originally wrote the song for her high school’s talent show, which was a huge success with her peers.  

Best lines: “Our song is a slamming screen door/Sneakin’out late, tapping on your window”

12. “You Belong with Me,” Fearless, 2008

Arguably one of Taylor’s most popular songs, “You Belong with Me,” is a sing-along-able happy ballad with a developed story line. Any 2000s kid will hear this song and start chanting the lyrics and singing along. In addition, the song is accompanied by a wonderful and fun music video.  

Best lines: “She wears high heels/I wear sneakers/She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers”

11. “Out of the Woods,” 1989, 2014

The album 1989 marks Taylor’s transition from country singer to pop star and “Out of the Woods” says goodbye to Taylor’s country vibes.    

Best lines: “But when the sun came up/I was looking at you” 

10. “New Romantics,” 1989 Deluxe Edition, 2014

At the first beat of “New Romantics” I am left jumping up and down singing along with Taylor. A great young adult anthem, “New Romantics,” cements Taylor’s place as a pop singer. The lyrics also show a shift in Taylor’s usual focus of her songs; instead of her writing about getting revenge on ex-boyfriends it is light and fun.   

Best lines: “Cause, baby, I could build a castle/Out of all the brick they threw at me/And every day is like a battle/But every night with us is like a dream”   

9.“Cruel Summer,” Lover, 2019

“Cruel Summer” is one of Taylor’s best pop songs. It radiates the same energy of riding with the windows down in summer just enjoying life and being happy for the present. In addition to the catchy lyrics, the bridge is one of Talyor’s best vocals.  

Best lines: “Devils roll the dice/angels roll their eyes” 

8. “New Year’s Day,” reputation, 2017

At first, I did not like “New Year’s Day” because the song seemed slow and not as catchy as some of Taylor’s previous work; however, once I intently listened to the lyrics, I fell in love. Taylor perfectly captures the feelings of soft nostalgia. “New Year’s Day” is the last song on reputation and ties together the idea that while the album is over there is more coming.   

Best lines: “Please don’t ever become a stranger/Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere/Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you”

7. “Blank Space,” 1989, 2014

“Blank Space” is Taylor’s best music video, and if you have not watched it go do so right now. The lyrics poke fun at her reputation of being a heart breaker and flirtatious women. “Blank Space” won the 2015 American Music Awards Song of the Year.   

Best lines: “So, it’s gonna be forever/Or it’s goanna go down in flames”

6.“Mean,” Speak Now, 2010

“Mean” is an underrated bop. In “Mean,” Taylor knocks down the critics that have ever hated on her and her ability to sing. Whenever you are feeling sad, blast “Mean” on full volume and sing away the haters.  

Best lines: “Yeah, someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me/and all you’re ever gonna be is mean”

5. “Love Story,” Fearless, 2008 

“Love Story” is another classic 2000s Taylor country song. The lyrics are based on the story of Romeo and Juliet and are told from the perspective of Juliet.  

Best lines: “I got tired of waiting/Wondering if you were ever coming around” 

4. “So it goes…”, reputation, 2017 

“So it goes …” is about a new boyfriend of Taylor’s. In addition, the song is very different then her normal, happy beat, and even verges on the genre of dark pop.  

Best lines: “We can feel it and our pieces fall/Right into place/Get caught up in the moments/Lipstick on your face” 

3. “Ours,” Speak Now (Deluxe Edition), 2010

“Ours” is a sweet country song about loving your relationship no matter what other people have to say. It is another example of how Taylor does not let the opinions others have about her influence her. The soft guitar reinforces Taylor’s feelings in the song.  

Best lines: “People throw rocks at things that shine/And life makes love look hard/The stakes are high/The waters rough/But this love is ours” 

2. “Delicate,” reputation, 2017 

The sound and lyrics of “Delicate” are amazing, but the music video is even more incredible. In the video Taylor has become invisible to the outside world, and in this piece of art you can see how trapped Taylor feels by her reputation. The music video was filmed in various Los Angeles locations including the Milennium Biltmore Hotel.  

Best lines: “This ain’t for the best/My reputation’s never been worse, so/You must like me for me”  

1.“All Too Well,” Red, 2012  

“All Too Well” is Taylor’s best lyrical song. The lyrics speak to loving the little things in life and how those small things make the biggest impact in love and once again she explores the idea of nostalgia. In addition, the album Red won four Grammys.  

Best lines: “Cause there we are again, in the middle of the night/We’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light/Down the stairs, I was there, I remember it all too well”

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