Audiences are amazed at Marvel Studio’s “WandaVision”


Graphic courtesy: The Nation Roar, edited to fit 4 X 3 by Claire Diepenbrock ('21).

Disney Plus released “WandaVision,” a compelling new addition to Marvel.

With the first episode aired on Disneyon January 15th, 2021, it quickly became clear that the new series, WandaVision,” was unlike anything Marvel Studios has produced before. The show has little description displayed on the official streaming site, and for good reason. Plot twists and mind-blowing moments thrill the viewers. Immediately after its release, the show has captivated a massive audience with its seemingly old sitcom aesthetic.  

Each episode is set in a different decade, with the set and costumes emulating the style of the time period. The incredible, minute details of every episode’s setting are what make WandaVision so compelling. It is difficult to focus on the somewhat haunting underlying tone of the show because just as quickly as it is revealed, it is covered up with a joke or a scene change. There is never a dull moment, and the way it is crafted with accurate props and humor keeps audiences enthralled with questions and observations.  

Here are somWebbies thoughts about the new Disneyshow:  

“I feel like it differs from what we’re used to seeing from Marvel,” Alex Xiao (‘21) said. “It’s funny at a first glance and puts more of a personal spin on some of the heroes we don’t have detailed backstories on.”  

“I’m super excited about finishing the show over break,” Logan Causley (‘22) said. “Seeing the trailers online and on TV got me interested in what else Marvel has to offer, like the one they have coming out based on the Winter Soldier and Falcon duo!”  

WandaVision is a simple exercise in how breaking the fourth wall can be simply unnerving at best and utterly terrifying at worst,” Ashley Mungui(‘21) said 

WandaVision was really good overall,” Jake Sharifi (‘21) said. “The beginning was a little slow but I’m glad I pushed through it. The MCU is definitely getting interesting again since the last Avengers movie.”  

Audiences initially wonder about the purpose of WandaVision’s unique structure. Why are we switching decades? Why are small, yet significant clues dropped throughout the series?  

In fact, the viewer does not see a true break in the sitcom reality until the end of episode three. As it turns out, all the details are intentional in WandaVision, and as the series plows into the fourth episode, the true meaning behind Wanda and Vision’s reality becomes more apparent.  

With five episodes released and four left to go, the WandaVision” universe has taken off, with thousands of fans exclaiming their love for the new Disneyshow on social mediaWhether it is on InstagramTiktok, Twitter or Snapchat, people have endlessly compiled theories and initial reactions to WandaVision. 

According to Rotten Tomatoes, 93% of audiences enjoyed watching the show and IMDb gives WandaVision a 7.9/10 stars. Viewers are all excited to see how the show will conclude, and this is a great step forward for Marvel’s productions towards smaller projects like this one for the future.