Pick Desserts and Find Out What Sitcom You Should Watch in Spring Break


Graphic courtesy of Nancy Lin (‘23).

Pictures sourced from Easypik, NBC, FOX, and CBS.

Unsure about how to spend your spring break? Take this quiz to find out what sitcom to binge.


New Girl You enjoy taking on fun and interesting endeavors, but only if there is a friend to accompany you who has your back. New Girl features Jess, an awkward and upbeat girl who moves in with three single guys after experiencing a heartwrenching breakup. This playful series embraces the oddities of life and appreciates the company of friends through confusing times.  


Brooklyn Nine-Nine You love adventure and anything that increases your heartrate. On top of being up for any challenge, you enjoy having fun with the little things in life and making everyone around you happy. Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a comedy series that follows the life of Jake Peralta, a carefree yet talented detective, and his wacky and lovable colleagues. The detectives of the Nine-Nine district regularly embark on risky missions while not forgetting to have fun and make jokes along the way. 


The Good Place You exhibit unique tastes and like to think outside of the box. Watch The Good Place, a light-hearted, quippy show about Eleanor Shellstrop, a self-absorbed saleswoman who finds herself in The Good Place after death. This sitcom offers a fresh idea of the afterlife and is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.  


How I Met Your Mother You love comfort foods and snacks that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Watch How I Met Your Mother, a comedic yet bittersweet sitcom that takes us through architect Ted Mosby’s life with his friends and his journey to meet the mother of his future children. How I Met Your Mother reveals how your closest friends can become your family and teaches you to seize the day and live with no regrets.