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Student leadership groups host Webboween this weekend

A map of this weekend’s dorm activities designed by Wendy Chang (‘23), Brandy Zhang (‘22), and Lucy Liu (‘23).

Are you ready to put on your coolest costume for Halloween? Or to escape from the peer advisors in a game of Zombie Apocalypse? What about taking a haunted tour around the campus?

This weekend, the Webb student government, peer advisors, and prefects will be hosting a series of exciting Halloween-themed events, from a costume contest to the zombie apocalypse.

Earlier this week, the prefects sent out several emails to STAS advertising the events that will take place on Friday and Saturday (October 29th – 30th), offering a preview as to what students can expect to do and where to go for each event.

Leadership groups attached a few creative images of Webb’s campus were attached in the STAS email chain. The dorms were labeled in addition to the other locations where events will be hosted such as Hooper, the library, and Chandler field. Students can use these maps, as well as other informative emails, to help orient themselves this coming weekend.

On Friday the 29th, the student government is hosting an all-Webb Halloween costume competition. This event only requires dressing up in a fun costume following the guidelines listed on STAS.

“Three things students can expect from this event are costumes, character, and camaraderie,” said Xander Kong (‘22), the WSC student government executive.

After a year-long hiatus, the peer advisors are starting off the Halloween adventures with the school-wide game of Zombie Apocalypse. The game consists of a team of survivors, the student body, and the zombies, the peer advisors. Students run to different check-in points announced through riddle format on STAS and attempt to avoid being tagged by zombies. The zombie apocalypse game begins at crossroads at 6 p.m.

“My favorite part of zombie apocalypse is the competitive spirit that everyone takes on to win one of the three prizes,” said Matthew Gooch (‘22), head peer advisor. “People can win the game by being the fastest to visit all locations on campus and return to the start while alive, having the most ‘kills’, or by being the most creative cheater.”

The Upper Dorms (Holt, Kirkhill, McCloud, and Reynolds) will also be hosting a series of fun and exciting activities based on the games played in the popular Netflix show Squid Game. Students can check their Outlook and sign up for this event via STAS. Some of the activities will include ‘red light, green light’, tug-of-war, and of course, the “honeycomb” game, in which students will need to cut out certain shapes from dalgona candy in order to win.

The dorm prefects – who will be dressed as the Squid Game guards – will be waiting for all Webb students who want to participate in the Squid Game-inspired fun at the Upper Dorms at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 30th.

The prefects, international student liaison, and honor council and cabinet members all plan to host Haunted Tours on October 30th. The Haunted Tours are seemingly normal expeditions around the campus, but they have the added twist of horrific monsters and eerie set pieces that will terrify all participants. Any brave soul daring enough to take part should enlist through the link on STAS.

“Expect the unexpected and expect to be scared,” said Nikhil Jindal (‘22), a Head DSP. “It should only last about 6 minutes, so it is a really easy way to find a scare on Webboween.”

International student liaisons and the honor council are assisting dorm prefects with their activities by helping set up, being tour guides for the haunted tours, and acting as scary monsters.

“I’m very excited to decorate cookies at Jameson and try and scare people.” said Karen Chen (‘23), an international student liaison.

“It’s going to be super fun for the underclassmen who have never got to experience this before,” said Riley Fass (‘23), an honor cabinet member.

From a costume contest to a school-wide Zombie Apocalypse, this weekend at Webb will be packed with many fun Halloween activities. You can stop at the South Hutch photo booth to show off your costume, or join the Upper Dorms Squid Game. Come out and celebrate the long-awaited Webboween with your friends!

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