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15 new songs you should be listening to right now

This collage features the album or single covers of songs recently released by karen c, Orion Sun, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and The Game, Spoon, Lana Del Rey, the Weeknd, Dove Cameron, Cordae, Cautious Clay, Rex Orange County, and Earl Sweatshirt. Graphic credit: Narineh Madikians (‘23).

Last year we compiled a list of 25 songs from 2021 that you needed to listen to, and now we are back with 15 songs from 2022. Even though the list has shrunk, the quality has only gotten better from here. All the best newest music from 2022 is compiled into one playlist for you. You are sure to find something you love with a range of artists like Mary J. Blige to Kanye West to Rex Orange County. 

1: “Keep it Up” by Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County has not released an album since Pony in 2019. He has teased a new album, Who Cares?, over Twitter numerous times tweeting the album name, as well as even playing snippets of new songs on Instagram Live. However, he went dark until just recently.  

He took to Twitter to share the release of his new song, “Keep it Up,” which was released on January 26th. This song fits right into his discography, so if you are a big fan of Rex already these songs continue to follow his familiar sound. Following his breakup with his longtime girlfriend, Thea Morgan-Murell, many fans speculated that this album would be a post-break-up album. “Keep it Up” speaks about feeling like you have hit rock bottom and the common reaction to pick yourself up and move on.  

2: “Feels Alright” by Spoon 

“Feels Alright” is the sixth track of Spoon’s album, Lucifer On the Sofa, and although not the most played, is an amazing alternative track with rock undertones. Spoon is a rock band from Texas that formed in 1993. This song, although released on February 11th, 2022, brings a sense of nostalgia and excitement to listeners as Spoon continues to keep 90’s rock alive.  

3: “Eazy”- The Game, Kanye West DISCLAIMER: EXPLICIT 

“Eazy” has stirred up a lot of controversy in the media as the iconic couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have recently separated. The media has not been shy to intervene in their relationship since the split. Rumors spread that Kim Kardashian started a relationship with SNL comedian, Pete Davidson. Kanye addressed his split from Kim and the rumors of her new relationship. In the song, he criticizes Pete as well as the way Kim chooses to parent. This iconic pop culture necessity does not sound like the rest of his discography as it is raw and simple.  

4 & 5: “Want from me” by Cordae, “Chronicles” by Cordae (feat. H.E.R., Lil Durk) 

Cordae released his album, From a Birds Eye View, on January 14th. Cordae has been an emerging artist since his first album, Lost Boy, in 2019. He pulls inspiration from rappers like J. Cole and his mentor, Dr. Dre. This album has quite a roster when it comes to collaborations from artists like Eminem to Stevie Wonder.  

“Want from me” is the perfect song for your “summer drives” playlist. “Chronicles” is less upbeat and more mellow and follows the same serene vibe that H.E.R. has in most of her songs. This song stands out from many of the other tracks on the album and is worth adding to your playlist.  

6 & 7: “Vision” by Earl Sweatshirt (feat. Zelooperz), “Tabula Rasa” by Earl Sweatshirt (feat. Armand Hammer) 

Earl Sweatshirt released his newest album, SICK!, on January 14th. Known for the band Odd Future, where he performed alongside Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean, SICK! was his first album since 2018. The album has an array of lo-fi beats and features. If you have enjoyed Earl Sweatshirt’s music in the past, then SICK! is the album for you. 

“Vision” starts off slow with birds chirping, but then the beat drops and you really hear Earl’s genius style. “Tabula Rasa” is another honorable mention. It features some piano throughout the song and has more of a blunt deliverance with its lyrics than the smooth vibe of “Vision.” 

8: “Boyfriend” by Dove Cameron 

“Boyfriend” first gained popularity when Dove Cameron released a snippet of her song on TikTok. Once fans shared their excitement for the song, she released it on all platforms and has continued to gain popularity from there. Many fans were surprised by the Disney star’s new release because it was edgier than her previous works, as it references her sexuality which many fans did not know about.  

9: “25/8” by Cautious Clay DISCLAIMER: EXPLICIT 

Cautious Clay quit his day job in 2018 to fully commit to music. If you are having trouble remembering where you might have heard this name it could be from his better-known songs: “Cheesin’” and “Crowned.” He is a smaller artist than most, but his music should not be overlooked as his R&B style is unlike that of many other artists. His new album, Deadpan Love, features “25/8,” which has very tranquil low beats that you can listen to on a late night.  

10& 11: “Out of Time” by the Weeknd, “Here We Go… Again” (feat. Tyler the Creator) 

The Weeknd released his surprise album, Dawn FM, on January 7th. Dawn FM is heavily inspired by 80’s electronic music. This album is best listened to from start to finish to understand the Weeknd’s intention behind the album. The album’s listening experience is set on an imaginary radio show: 103.5 Dawn FM. The Weeknd has narration from Jim Carrey, who speaks during short intermissions. The entire feel of the album is morbid as it discusses life and death.  

This album has been met with mixed emotions as some fans find the techno sound appealing while others cannot stand it. There are some worthy recommendations from the album, however, like “Out of Time.” This mellow 80’s inspired song has a feel-good beat that gives the nostalgic feeling of being an 80s teen as the Weeknd samples the Japanese song “Midnight Pretenders” written by Tomoko Aran and Tetsurō Oda. “Here We Go… Again” featuring Tyler the Creator follows the same 80’s vibe but aligns with more of an R&B sound. Both songs are perfect additions to your playlist. 

12: “look for me” by karen c 

Written by our very own Karen Chen (‘23), “look for me” is a calming track. Karen wrote this song during quarantine, and it is an impressive track for such a young artist. Karen released this song on January 29th, 2022, and it is her second single following her first: “bedrest”. Karen’s unique style of bedroom pop is perfect for a relaxing day. 

13: “Here with me” by Mary J. Blige (feat. Anderson .Paak)  

From Mary J. Blige’s newest album, Good Morning Gorgeous!, “Here with me” is one of the most played tracks. This 90’s icon recently performed at the 2022 Super Bowl, and she is known for her unique R&B/Soul music. This song is upbeat and is perfect for your daytime drives on sunny days.  

14: “dirty dancer” by Orion Sun DISCLAIMER: EXPLICIT 

Orion Sun’s newest EP, Getaway, features “dirty dancer” as the most played track. Her soft R&B sound would appeal to fans of Summer Walker and H.E.R. as they have similar styles. This mellow love song is great to listen to when you are thinking about that special someone.  

15: “Watercolor Eyes” by Lana Del Rey 

Lana Del Rey released another hit to add to your sad playlist on January 21, 2022. The song first debuted during the end credits of the 4th episode of the HBO max show, Euphoria. Throughout the song, Lana captivates listeners with her unique sound and soft voice. The song fits perfectly into the Euphoria soundtrack because the lyrics align with the themes of sadness and toxic relationships in the show. She highlights a tumultuous relationship and “watercolor eyes,” which many speculate to reference the obvious: teary eyes, but also the glittery eye makeup that the show is known for. 

Spotify – 15 songs from 2022 that you need to be listening to now

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