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The Rise of Alix Earle

The well-known “Get Ready With Me” video format that Alix Earle’s fans love.

TikTok’s newest influencer, Alix Earle, has taken over the app, and some are calling her the new Charli D’amelio, the app’s first hype girl. Over the past few months, Alix has rapidly gained popularity with a growing 3.8 million followers on Tik Tok and 1.7 million on Instagram. She has become the blueprint of the “it girl” that so many teens seem to love. 

Her platforms seemed to blow up overnight, leaving many wondering what this seemingly normal college student did to gain so much attention. 

Almost daily, Alix will film “get-ready-with-me” videos where she speaks directly to the camera while doing her makeup. She does her usual get ready for the day routine, showing each step she takes all under three minutes. Her videos remind many of a facetime call which has made many of her fans see her more as a best friend or older sister that they look up to.   

“I feel like I actually know Alix. She makes us as a consumer feel like her friend.” Tik-Toker @snipfeedofficial explains in her video on Alix’s rise to fame.  

She shares all the latest skincare, makeup, hair, and clothing brands she uses, and her fans are heavily influenced based on her opinions. Her content targets the teen demographic, young fans buying into everything she says. Her influence is so wide that often certain products will be sold out in stores when she recommends them on her page. Which in turn leads to a lot of brand deals in hopes of a product being popularized by her. 

So many look up to her because she is conventionally attractive and are motivated by her appearance. She makes everything she does in her videos look effortless and put together. However, this is not the only reason young fans love her. She creates content that is casual and relatable. 

She will talk to the audience about anything that is going on in her life at that moment. This includes all struggles such as anxiety, boys, and acne. Her vulnerability with the audience creates this sense of intimacy that teens find comforting.   

Unlike many other influencers who tend to hide behind their insecurities, Alix is open and honest, which is what fans love about her. She has always been transparent, especially when it comes to physical appearance.  

The past year, she has documented a cosmetic procedure and provided any information on questions that commenters on her videos might have had.  

Body positivity has been an increasing issue that many young girls struggle with. Having an influencer that can admit her insecurities to millions is not only brave but truly teaches many to be confident in themselves.  

In addition, her newfound fame has led to brands sponsoring trips, events, and parties that aid in opportunities and success. Currently, she is on a trip to Dubai sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics, where she will be doing a jeep excursion and party with her mother, as the free plus one.  

Not only does this provide her with content, but the brand is being promoted to over three million people.  

Alix has also been introduced to many celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus, who Gen-Z adore. By reaching out and expanding her circle of friends, she is guaranteed future access to Hollywood and increased fame.  

With all these factors going for the newest celeb, the question isn’t how she rose to fame, but how she will manage to stay on top of the wave of internet influence.  

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