Webb’s declassified school survival guide


Welcome back Webbies! Graphic courtesy of Madison Steinorth

Adjust your sleep schedule. It is no secret that over the summer nights, the reruns of Friends held priority over a little shut-eye. However, those blissful nights are over and now you have commitments Monday through Friday. Start going to bed at a decent time so you are energized for what the following day has in store.

Start off your day the right way with a hearty breakfast. You may of have heard of the phrase, “Breakfast is the meal of champions” and it is true.

Be on time. You have a responsibility to attend your classes. Make sure you are on time for your commitments and show your teachers the respect they deserve.

Make a good first impression. Take the time to introduce yourself to your teacher and get to know them. It is in your best interest; if you are friendly with the teacher, your class is a lot more fun.

Stick to tradition. Webb is a unique community full of many traditions that are unique to our school. From not clapping after chapel talks to competing with your class in Webb day, take advantage and honor what makes Webb an extraordinary place to spend high school.

Be prepared for class. Organization is the key to having a successful high school experience. It will reduce stress in your everyday life and allow you to have more time for fun.

Take notes!!! We are not robots. Take notes during class and review them that evening. They will prove to be your lifelines throughout the year.

Wear comfortable shoes. You will find yourself walking all the time, from your math class to your friend’s dorm. Prevent blisters by wearing shoes that can last all day.

Do not procrastinate. Do not wait until the last minute to get things done. Your assignments do not disappear even when you avoid them. In the end, they have to get done and allotting time to do them will make your life easier. Set up a study schedule for yourself and stick to it.

Ask for help. Do not be intimidated by your peers or afraid to ask your teacher for help. Chances are you are not the only one confused. Take advantage of office hours, go ask questions, and get help from the teacher one-on-one.

Push yourself. Each year will present new challenges: socially, physically, and academically. Do not get overwhelmed when these challenges present themselves. Instead, work harder and prove to yourself how strong you are.

Try something new and have fun! This year will be full of new opportunities. If you have been wanting to try out for the school play, join the robotics team, or play basketball, do it! Do not hold back for fear of being bad at it. Instead utilize each opportunity, no matter how difficult it is, as a chance to grow.