Mamma Mia! A celebration of the greatest show that never was

From Director Stefanie Plumley:

Here’s rehearsal footage of the first big dance number in the show: Money, Money, Money.
We were just “marking” it – going through the number to make sure everything looked good, and what might need to be modified. When we mark, the actor’s don’t sing out (to preserve voices) which is why you can’t hear the song very well. What is evident, however, is Mr. Szanyi’s extraordinary choreography!

Here’s rehearsal footage of Voulez Vous, the biggest company number in the show. This was another marking session, so the cast didn’t sing much or perform their lines. But everybody danced! This season we were so lucky to have 6 members from the Dance Company join the cast: Emilia Bordage (’23), Anjali Desai (’21), Gabby Diaz (’23), Maya Guiterrez (’21), Isabella Llorens (’22), Emily Wang (’22). They are featured here, and their talents took this number from fabulous to fierce!