Top 10 life hacks every Webb student should know


Anjali Reddy, Editor in Chief

It’s that time of the year when it seems like all of our Webb work seems to be crashing down on us. In honor of our first quarter coming to a close, below are some tips I’ve come to learn that have helped me succeed academically throughout my four years at Webb. Even just following just a few of these are sure to help relieve your stress.

1. Do not download pdf files that end in “.exe” because they are viruses and will destroy your computer forever.

2. If you accidentally close Microsoft without saving your work, type .asd into file explorer and your work should be there.

Graphic courtesy of Bill Gross

3. If your teacher gives you permission, use to find words you can’t think of but can describe.

4. For me, personally, it’s easier to remember stuff written in blue ink rather than to remember stuff written in black ink.

5. When searching for information for a project or essay use because it will give you more reliable information right away or use the library which provides free access to JSTOR and EBSCOhost.

6. Writing something out or saying it out loud while reading is much more effective than just reading it.

7. Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that is arguably more user-friendly than Geogebra.

Graphic courtesy of @MrRizziMath

8. When making your presentations, keep in mind that “meme font,” or white letters outlined in black, can be read on any color background.

Graphic courtesy of vox

9. When studying for standardized testing, instead of trying to sit down and take an entire practice test and then reviewing every mistake, try and take a practice section and then go over your mistakes. You’ll be able to hone in on the problem and the task does not seem as daunting. Also, if you’re better in one section you do not have to waste as much time studying that section.

10. Either use your Webb planner or buy a spunkier planner you will be willing to use. You’ll never forget a homework assignment again.