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Cristian Rosales-Cardenas
Cristian Rosales-Cardenas (‘21), a Rancho Cucamonga resident, is starting his senior year at Webb. He joined journalism during his sophomore year and is coming back as an Editor of Technology for WCC. Something valuable he learned as a 10th grader was to find resources and topics to write about. Cristian is passionate about new advancements in technology, politics, and economic theory. He is on the robotics team and was the co-captain of team 359. He has been a part of these groups since freshman year and feels very prideful due to his consistency. Cristian also works out in his free time along with boxing and biking. Cristian is still unsure about what he wants to study in college, but he wants to follow his many interests such as technology and robotics. He wants to work on third-party delivery services this year, which he thought about when the pandemic began.  

Cristian Rosales-Cardenas, Co-Editor of Technology

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Cristian Rosales-Cardenas