Theme Night 2022 Photo Gallery


George Cardenas (‘23)

Class of ‘23 actors in the skit surround Austin Ra (‘23), basking in the spotlight as Gabby Diaz (‘23) prepares to lead the class into the unity dance.

Noelani Chock ('23) from Viviana Nicolosi

Maksym Graham (‘23) leads the class of 2023 into their introduction for Theme Night. The song “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West plays as seniors run onto stage with their pink outfits, balloons, confetti, and silly string.  

Stanley Jian ('23)

Stanley Jian (’23) and Conrad Poon (‘23) passionately strum and drum out the backing tracks to Coldplay’s “Yellow” while Richard Wu (‘23) melodiously sings the lyrics and plays the guitar.

Kaylynn Chang ('23)

Stephanie Ma (‘25) and Ryan Ho (‘25) belt out “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper during the skit, an homage to Webb’s newest theme for the year: “let your true colors shine through.”

Kaylynn Chang ('23)

The class of ‘26 transitions into their unity dance from their Snow White story while “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John plays in the background.

Jasmine Wan ('23)

Eunice Lau (‘23) and Karen Chen (‘23) sing a beloved Alicia Keys classic, “If I Ain’t Got You.”  

Kaylynn Chang ('23)

Catherine (Ruyi) Chen (‘23) sits atop of Siddartha Sinha (‘23)’s shoulders while waving the class of ’23’s flag, her very own artwork. Spelling out “23NIORS,” the flag is a silhouette of the class photo with signatures adorning the bottom. 

Jasmine Wan ('23)

The main cast of the seniors’ skit finishes with a performance by Snoop Dogg, played by Sam Zeiden (‘23), singing “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre in order to woo his co-star, Clarence Deng (‘23), who plays Martha Stewart. Their reunion is briefly interrupted by Kanye West, played by Eva Annabi (‘23), and Soulja Boy, played by Austin Ra (‘23).